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Many people search the world over to find happiness. To find something that actually fills the void in their lives. It is such a beautiful thing when you are true to yourself and you follow your heart and dreams to reach you full potential. When you realize your true destiny, you’re happy with your place in life, you have arrived.Nyssa Green is an Entrepreneur of Style.

This is how I felt after speaking with Nyssa Green, founder of The Green Room Agency, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Nyssa and I met a few years back and we continued to cross paths at various Fashion Industry events. I found her to be a breath of fresh air and we are pleased to present her to you as an entrepreneur of style. Nyssa began her career in cosmetology and within a few years decided to focus solely on here true passion. She began to look for agencies that would provide access and representation to an elite client base. Nyssa  was unable to find an agency that recognized her talents nor saw her vision. So she set out on her own to start The Green Room Agency. Nyssa is internationally known for the art she creates with a few strokes of a brush.

The interview: 

M Jai: Can you tell our readers about The Green Room Agency?

NG: The Green Room is an Atlanta-based boutique size agency that represents the careers of photographers, makeup artists, as well as hair and fashion stylists. I saw the need for an agency that was able to cater to multi-talented individuals. This brought about the creation of The Green Room Agency. We offer our clients the ability to get a wide range of services pertaining to image development from one location. A customer is able to receive one-on-one consultation for closet reorganization, family photos, TV appearances, or personal shopping.  

M Jai: How did you Nyssa with Ceasar Milanevolve into the person you are today?

NG: I actually studied cosmetology while in high school then went to Auburn for two years. After that I decided to move to Atlanta and began working as a hair stylist then phased into makeup.  

M Jai: Did you always know this was a career you wanted to pursue?

NG: I always knew that I loved makeup. Since I was young, I loved playing with foundations and different shadows. Many times, I styled hair and makeup for my clients so it was a natural progression for me to start doing makeup full time. “I was great at hair but I am incredible at makeup.”  

M Jai: How do you maintain you status in a business that has significant number of emerging talents?

NG: Part of maintaining is to always expand your knowledge in your industry. I try to build my brand by evolving and exploring other career options. I have been a spokesperson for Oil of Olay, Host of Make Up Manor, Atlanta & Company, and actively working for FOX 5 [Atlanta]. It’s about continually evolving. 

M Jai: What trends or products will be prominent for 2009?

NG: Wow! The makeup industry is actually changing a lot with emergence of high definition television. I am constantly being contacted to discuss new prodFrenchie Davis - A client of The Green Room Agencyucts and how they will appear on television. Many companies are changing product formulation by offering finer, smoother, and longer lasting foundations. I have received and love new products from MAC and Make Up Forever 

M Jai: What particular periods do you love most or find inspiration?

NG: I honestly do not look at an era or period for inspiration. I go through phases where I inspired by aspects of a particular time period that I twist with the modern or vice versa. I loved the history art and creative images, so I get influences from many sources. 

M Jai: How do you achieve a perfect look?

NG: The most important way to achieve that perfect look begins with the foundation.The proper tools for applying makeup You must have a matching foundation and apply it properly. From the correct base you are then able to enhance with shadows, mascara, and blushes. A good face will be the result. 

M Jai: What are key items that a woman should have in her cosmetic bag?

NG: A woman should always have an eyelash curler, great application brushes, a favorite gloss, and perfect matching foundation. 

M Jai: How was working with DeShawn Snow on The Real Housewives of Atlanta? Has it changed your career at all?

NG: TheDeShawn and Eric Snow exposure has definitely been good for the agency as a whole. I personally have been receiving calls to teach classes on makeup and the proper way to apply foundation. For the most part though, the show was actually like a normal day with DeShawn, but with a camera crew.  

M Jai: Because of the current economy, millions of women have to cut back on some of their guilty pleasures. They can no longer afford the Mac and Chanel press-powders or Orlane moisturize
rs. Are there any tips that you would recommend to the average consumer?

NG: I would recommend Cetaphil cleansers and moisturizers; Iman cosmetics has amazing foundation and colors; and I love L’Oreal’s voluminous mascara. These are some of my favorite “drug store” brands. 

M Jai: What should we expect from Nyssa Green in the near future?

NG: Well you should expect a lot from the agency. We are always looking for fresh new artists, clients, and opportunities. And I am currently shooting a pilot for a new girly, fun television show.   

 For more on Nyssa and The Green Room Agency, visit: www.TheGreenRoomAgency.com.

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