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OJ da JuicemanThe story of OJ da Juiceman reads like many young black men growing up in the United States. Born Otis Williams, Jr.  November 26, 1981, in Atlanta, GA, he grew up in a single-parent household on the east side of Atlanta with his mother. As a youth, he found himself influenced by hardcore reappers like N.W.A. A chance meeting with fellow rapper Gucci Mane in the late 1990s would inspire Williams to persue rap further. They met “in an apartment in Sun Valley. East Atlanta  Zone 6,” says OJ. “We started picking up cans. Just trying to get money.Then in 97-98 Gucci got his music going. I came a couple years later with the music.” [SOURCE]

OJ has not been exempt when it comes to dealing with trials and tribulations. He endured being shot 8 times in April 2008. “I was fucked up,” exclaims Williams. “They asked for a comment right after I got shot. So I made a joke about ‘I’m like Wolverine’. Shot on Sunday. Out the hospital on Wednesday. Show on Sunday.I just get stronger. It was a joke. I got shot on Sunday. Got out the hospital on Wednesday. Did a show on Saturday in Cincinnati.” [SOURCE]

After releasing over two dozen mixtapes (26 to date) hosted by such DJ’s as DJ Drama, DJ Ace, DJ Dirty Laundry, Trap-a-Holics, DJ Smallz, and other over the course of the next 10 years, the Juiceman began to find his way. He founded the vanity label 32 Entertainment – named for the MARTA public transportation bus (32 Bouldercrest) that went past his home in the 90s [SOURCE] – and signed to So Icey/Mizay/Asylum/Warner Bros. Records in 2009. OJ’s major label debut, THE OTHA SIDE OF DA TRAP, contained both new tracks and previously released mixtape tracks. The album included singles “I’m Gettin’ Money” and another that garnered mainstream attention due to it’s catchy hook and introduced the Juiceman’s trademark catchphrases, “Make The Trap Say Aye,” featuring Gucci Mane. OJ has continued to feed the streets with tracks, “Dopeman”, “50 Bricks” and more recently began to raise his profile jumping on Jadakiss‘ single “Who’s Real,” and R. Kelly’s “Supaman High.” With a new mixtape with DJ Holiday called ” Alaska in Atlanta,” and his sophmore album tentatively title THE OTIS WILLIAMS JR STORY dropping in 2010, BE Magazine wanted to speak to the rising star about his future plans for the rap game.

Check out his interview with our own J.Write below:

On his upcoming album:

“I had an official album that came out in stores but it was street album. I’m working on my offical album now…I’ve just been grinding.”

On the necessity of mixtapes and the differences between mixtapes and albums:

“I’m trying to keep my name relevant…It also helps a lot of artists get themselves established before the album comes.”

On the impact of social networking (Twitter, Facebook) in artist promotion:

“For artists that’s simply promoting in the streets and not the internet. I’m tellin them to get up on the internet”

His favorite callabos to date:

“It gotta be dat Jadakiss record. That R.Kelly record. That Mariah Carey record is gonna turn out real cool. There’s been a lot of artists that are working with me that I never thought would work with me.”

What’s next for OJ:

“The new ablum’s gonna be called THE OTIS WILLIAMS JR STORY: Based on a True Story and it’s coming out 1st quarter (2010) and my Twitter my name is OJdaJuiceman32 and follow me!”

On being a crucial part of the So Icey/Gucci Mane movement aka Gucci’s right-hand man:

“I really feel blessed to even be looked at in a position like that. Imma hold it down just like I always did in the streets…stay focused.”+




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