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Olivia just laughed as she was ready to give her say as to how she got here as an artist.  I was fortunate to interview Ms. Olivia former G-Unit member at the W hotel in NY having an effortless poise like the pro she’s known for BEing. She walked thru the elevator along with her three men entourage giving me the original “her” that I grew up on. Olivia became a well known name back in 2002 with her hit single “Bizzounce” after the first album with J records which gave her instant credibilty in the music industry. She also had another single which went full blast called “Single B*tch in Love” & became an anthem for her fans. As her fame started to increase she was noticed by 50-Cent a rapper who has paid his dues in the industry and brought Olivia to be the first lady of G-Unit. After one offical studio album under her stiletto and a long hiatus that almost made her a forgotten entity-so to speak-Ms. Oliva has returned squashing the rumors and giving her fans what we were waiting for.

She has a new record label, new management staff, and a new attitude towards her life and career.

BE-Mag: How you doing?
Olivia: I’m good. *laughing*

BE-Mag: Where you been?
O: I’ve been overseas, working on the album redoing everything. Change the whole and that’s what I did.

BE-Mag: Your first single “Take it Off” I like it would that be the flavor of the album, would you give us original Olivia?
O: Ummm, I feel like it’ll give you everything. You’ll get the sweet element but you also get harmony and beats. So you’ll see a lot on the album.

BE-Mag: I’ve read 2 interviews you’ve done about you leaving G-Unit. There’s always 2 sides of the story. What’s yours?
O: It just happened to be that there was no R&B within G-Unit so making a record was pretty hard.

BE-Mag: Being that you’ve evolved within the music industry would you ever work with artists such as Lady Gaga, Britney etc?
O: Oh yea definitely. I have a record out over seas where I’m working with someone.

BE-Mag: I also want to hit on a rumor that was going on with you and Missy as to why you left G-Unit.
O: *laughing* Don’t we love rumors, that was kinda funny when 50(50 cent) made that smart ass comment about it but the thing was I would spend time with Missy recording and writing at her house and 50(50cent) would just get sensitive because they would love the work. He’s a cancer and you how they are. *laughing* That’s how he is he don’t bother me.

BE-Mag: But your still cool with them?
O: oh yea

BE-Mag: I see you brought your management team or Rich Dollaz I should say how do you like them?
O: The whole team is creative and dope Love them I wanted to be with a small team because when your with a big management team with a big roster then you hardly get paid any attention. (J. Records) I felt that sometimes.

BE-Mag: Did you write your own songs on the album coming out (Alone With You)?

O: Yes I wrote 17 out of the 18 being featured.

BE-Mag: Oh wow!! That’s a lot.
*Both laughing*
O: I wanted to do a double cd since I’ve been gone for soo long.

BE-Mag: That would be dope for your fans
O: Yea but management said it would be too much..

BE-Mag: Do you have any important motto you go by each day?
O: “Nice to be important but important to be nice”

After meeting with Ms. Olivia, we had a brief chit chat off the record as to how she has fun being a native NYC girl now residing in Long Island giving me her favorites, and of course picture time. All in all she’s an artist that’s talented in her own way and very much a humble soul to be around.

Check her out:

Make sure EVERBODY’s following Ms. Olivia on Twitter: www.twitter.com/OliviaLongott 

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