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To up keep a name like Omega, you must BE a force in the game that;s ready to hold it down to the end. So speak truth for singer/songwriter/producer Omega of Black8 Ent. This New Orleans native knows first hand what it’s like to have to overcome triumphs, and is ready to showcase this very mentality through his music and more.

While showing the world his vocal talet is a priority, there’s a lot more to Omega than just singing & music. This whole ordeal has been a learning experience for him & he’s not only impacted the nation through his GOD-given talent, but he’s also done a number of community service events and has worked with kids to continue to make a difference.

Omega’s lead single “Make Love to this Music” features Miami rapper Rick Ross, and is designed to let the younger people know what it is to really make love & being in love with that one person. It’s really a universal song that can touch the youngest of person with feelings of loving all the way to your grandparents.. BEing a newcomer has it’s ups and downs for every artist, but to have Ross on your debut single is no easy task. “I was up late one night, feeling the track…while everybody else was sleep, he was up working. So I started to feel the track and in about an hour the song was done. I took the track over to Ross’ house and played it for him. He loved it the 1st time. It was just magic from there. Same thing with the video…he kind of saw where we were going with the video, and it was one of the biggest video shoots here. Lots of women came out, fine girls. Ross came through & blessed the place.”

While some artists pray and pray for a deal to fall in their lap, that;s almost literally how Omega got put on; not that years of effort and preparation weren’t present. “I waked into Block Ent ready to do a hook with a person on the label at the time, and I wasn’t even walking in expecting to be signed. Went in to lay the hook, ended up meeting a guy by the name of Tom Cat, and that’s pretty much how it went. Tom Cat asked me if I could sing, and I said yeah…he took me in the studio and the rest was history.”  

Omega is an artist that plans on superseding the norm & stepping out of the boundries that most male singers run into. He’s already embarked on a blessed underground career with cuts on mixtapes and by working with artists like producer Zeytoven, Yung Joc, Shakespear (Bills, Bills, Bills), Jody Breeze, Luney Tunez, Kandi Burruss, and a gang of others.

I asked Omega a pretty peculiar question, yet fitting for an up and coming singer to have to answer. I asked how would a woman with perfectly good hearing describe his voice to a def woman. 
Omega answered, “She’d say he has a pleasant voice, but he’s got a little edge to him. He’s quite hypnotic, but necessary to the ear. She’d definitely let her know what she’s missing…James Dean swag.

Omega has plans to be around for a long time, and even has started his pathway to being an international superstar.

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