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Welcome to Planet E, where singer/songwriter ESNAVI reigns supreme as the Queen of the Throne. Esnavi originates from my hometown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but now rests comfortably in Planet E where she’s created a perfect atmosphere of creativity and authenticity. With a strong fan base, and an even more powerful voice, it’s no big secret why this talented rising star is the girl to know in 2012.

How did you get started in the music industry?
When I finished high school, I worked with a local studio in my hometown. However, it wasn’t until I moved to New York and completed my first project that I officially began working in the music industry.

What’s your ultimate goal when it comes to music?
To have a very lucrative career performing around the world and recording music.

Tell me about your single “Morning Dew”; it’s BEen getting a lot of buzz, especially with the video rotation.
Do you mean Unexpected Love? We haven’t filmed the video for Morning Dew yet. Unexpected Love was the first single that reached the Top 40 on the Urban AC charts. It got a lot of exposure especially with the video being in steady rotation on VH1 Soul and Centric. It’s a song about me encountering an unexpected love. The current single, Morning Dew is about the love you feel after encountering that unexpected love. It’s getting really great feedback and it’s already climbing the charts.

You recently performed for a crowd of over 500 at BAM, how was that experience?
It was amazing to headline at such a historic venue. The energy in the room was great and it was a really good show.

What is the largest crowd you’ve performed in front of and where?
Over 200,000 people at KJLH Taste Of Soul Music Festival in LA last fall.

What journey do you plan on taking fans on through your music?
My life journey. I write about my real life experiences and feelings. I want them to experience that with me when listening to my music.

If ESNAVI could create the perfect recording session, who would BE there hitting the booth?
Some of the greatest musicians in the world (too many to name) and the New York Symphony Orchestra.

How can the fans get closer to ESNAVI?
Through social media and my website. I share a lot on my website and at this point, I respond as much as possible to people on Twitter and Facebook. Visit me on PLANET E at www.esnavi.com.

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