One Chance – Getting their Second Run

R&B group One Chance seemed to explode onto the scene in 2006 with their hit song “Look At Her”, and after attaching themselves to Usher Raymond & US Records, seemed to BE actually living up to their name. In this industry, you usually get one chance to prove you can make it, and these Chicago bred singers definitely appeared to BE on the right road. So how does a promising act with a hopeful deal (with US Records) go from rising artists to having a shelved album? The highs and the lows of the music industry are no secret, but what many aren’t privied to is the fact that sometimes second chances are granted.

One Chance is comprised of memBErs Rob Brent, Courtney Vantrease, and brothers Jon & Michael Gordon, and had BEen grinding on the streets of Chicago well BEfore relocating to Atlanta, but with change comes growth & One Chance has evolved into more than just stage show entertainers. These fellas are ready to BE back in the forefront while playing the appropriate ground work in the back. “We’ve BEen with Infrared Entertainment for quite some time now, pretty much since we’ve BEen in Atlanta. They’re a great crew of people; like the backbone that holds our team together. One Chance are the artists and Infrared is the glue that brings the artists and the laBEl together to make everything smooth. It’s a movement…”

Once Chance couldn’t BE choosing a BEtter time to get back in motion with the R&B movement getting back kick started. These guys are passionate about music and are excited to jump back on the stage to give their all. “that’s our home right there. That’s our home team, or our home court. You know when the basketball players have home court advantage; well, the stage is our court. When we hit the stage it’s LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION.”

Many people aren’t aware, but One Chance played an influential role in shaping and redefining a new southern musical genre around 2005 called Snap Music. Even though Snap Music wasn’t BEing regarded well by everybody, One Chance added a smooth R&B feel to the movement, which gave light to Snap Music for an entirely different audience. ” I know this is going out on a limb, but I BElieve we were the first R&B group or R&B act to do a “Snap” song…EVER!” While One Chance is proud to have BEen a part of that greatness, they also recognize that the times have changed and in 2011 are ready to keep it moving with ensuring the real resurrection of GOOD R&B music.

One Chance is finding their second chance at the industry under their new laBEL [T-Pain’s] Nappy Boy, and is already making moves to rise back to the top. Not only are they featured on the new lead single from Big Momma’s House 3 “Imma Do It Big” featuring T-Pain & Brandon T. Jackson, they also wrote the hook for the song.

One Chance may have appeared to BE on a hiatus, but assured us that looks aren’t always what they seem. They’ve BEen working hard writing and creating new opportunities to shine. Check out their upcoming Mixtape Aint No Room For Talking, or visit to see what else these talented fellas have going on.

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  1. GREAT GOOD LUCK GUYS … I have been trying for years to find the song that the group sang in the movie IN THE MIX call TAKE ME AWAY. I cant find it anywhere please I really want this song.

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