#ParisFashionWeek: Shopping Center full of Couture, Chanel F’14

I know this may sound rather cliché but when you think the creative genius, known as Karl Lagerfeld has out done himself, he delivers another stunningly BEautiful collection in a well designed and executed venue. In my opinion, the collection was absolutely genius and well thought out. The set was the Grand Palais which was transformed in to a mega store, The Chanel Shopping Center, reminiscent of a big Costco or Sam’s Club filled of Chanel accoutrements. There was everything from fragrances to chicken eggs, appliances to Chanel quilted headphones.

This new Fall collection from Karl Lagerfeld and his team debuted in Paris was nothing short of an artistic display of wonderful craftsmanship and attention to great detail. The legendary House of Chanel stayed true it’s manipulation of its signature tweed with vibrant colors, snatched waistlines, and even knee high sneakers. As the models and onlookers strolled the aisles, there were real trolleys, also double-C’d, and this most shopaholic audiences immediately started pushing them around in glee pre-show. There were wonderfully bizarre little corners – the hardware section had Chanel spades, Chanel doormats, and Chanel hammers. An announcer came on to give the deals of the day as models browsed the aisles in slim fit track pants, trainers – some of which were mid-calf-high – crop tops and trashy-fabulous oversized bouclé overcoats. – telegraph.co.uk

In my opinion, the collection looked as if the ateliers took to the racks and shelves of the mega-mart to compete in an unconventional challenge (Project Runway -esque) but in a waaaaayyyy more genius form. I loved it!


Rihanna, Cara Delevingne and fellow model

CHA_0055.150x226 CHA_0098.150x226 CHA_0111.150x226 CHA_0217.150x226 CHA_0227.150x226 CHA_0330.150x226 CHA_0344.150x226 CHA_0382.150x226 CHA_0427.150x226 CHA_0440.150x226 CHA_0460.150x226 CHA_0478.150x226 CHA_0564.150x226 CHA_0587.150x226 CHA_0829.150x226 CHA_0842.150x226 CHA_0979.150x226 CHA_0990.150x226 CHA_1036.150x226 CHA_1243.150x226 CHA_0677.150x226


 Photo: Yannis Vlamos/Indigitalimages.com & AFP

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