Pastor Olu Brown – Making a Big IMPACT!

In life, I’ve come to find that everybody’s either seeking to make an impact, or to find something that impact us. It’s often times the very thing that drives us to push on through some of the roughest experiences in our lives. Pastor Olu Brown has fortunately BEen blessed enough to fill the mold of both. He’s the founder and lead pastor of Impact Church 1.0 in Atlanta, Georgia where he’s dedicated to doing church differently.

The first time I visited Impact, I knew there was something different about the entire experience. There was a live band, technology galore, none of the traditional pamphlets, and a welcoming young pastor, who seemed to identify well with the entire congregation. I later came to meet Pastor Olu, and was surprised at his global outreach. “It’s funny BEcause I was just sending an email to a young lady that attends Clark Atlanta University, but she’s over seas studying abroad in Paris, so of course she’s still connected to the ministry. What we’ve realized through technology, it’s no longer my block, my community…it’s global, it’s the world. So if you make an impact anywhere, you can make an impact around the gloBE. That’s always BEen the genesis, or the reason why we want to BE globally connected and international.”

There’s certainly a lot of power in the word IMPACT, and Pastor Olu’s vision has BEen maximized through Christ blessing him with a dynamic team and the foresight to utilize the statements that were in his everyday existence. “I was listening to a song, and the artist said LET’S MAKE AN IMPACT, and when he said that, it immediately sealed it as the church’s name. When we first started, we said 1.0 Impact, much like a software company that comes out with different versions. This let’s people know that one, if we don’t have everything, or we’re not where you want to BE that 2.0 is coming; also for people that don’t like change, that 2.0 is coming and this might not BE the Best place for you BEcause I think anything that grows changes. Anything that also grows makes an impact on industry, academics, environment, social, or whatever it is, we’ve gotta make an impact at the end of the day.”

Impact Church 1.0 is physically located in Atlanta (765 Peeples Street SW, Atlanta, GA 30310), but Pastor Olu encourages families across the world to join in on making an Impact. You can watch both 10:00 AM & 12:00 PM (EST) services online via, and also find out about the current initiatives like Impact Next-G (Children’s Church for kids of all ages), a mission trip to Birmingham on June 4th, completing their 2nd Habitat House through July, and the launch of I Share, We Impact. “I Share We Impact is Impact’s vision to bring additional resources into the ministry so we can then acquire the space that God wants us to have, not so that we can buy monuments and temples, but so that we can have recreation, and after school programs, ministry towards seniors, and the list goes on and on.”

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Impact Church 1.0 is also available for interaction on twitter @ImpactDCD or you can tweet Pastor Olu directly @OluB

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