Paul Wall – Goose the Fast Life

Goose the Fast Life…”  

What does it really take to BE a champion? Is it the winning streak, the

passion, the drive? Or is champion just another term that people use to set

 the already demanding hierarchy in any given system? That debate could go

 on for years, but when you add one tiny word onto “champ”, the difference

 BEcomes more than obvious!

It must take a powerful word to create such an obvious variation, but in fact the word isn’t complex at all! You can say it with me…“People’s” ! Yup, that’s it, “The People’s Champ”, and at the 1st mention of that title, you know there’s only one man to fill the shoes, Houston rapper Paul Wall. 

PAUL SLAYTON, otherwise referred to as Paul Wall has been grinding in the game for a long time, which speaks volumes for his given title. From first showing his work aptitude at Swishahouse, it quickly became evident that Paul Wall was much more than street team material. Michael “5000” Watts saw something in Wall’s flow that would be a staple in the hip hop game; not to mention there hasn’t been a white rapper to go as hard since…

There really isn’t a need to run down how Paul Wall has gotten to this point in his career; who else is responsible for the banging hits like, “Sittin Sidewayz”, “Break Em Off”, and “I’m Throwed”? That doesn’t even mention his mixtape work, nor his callabos on other artists’ joints. Wall has clearly risen above the industry’s preconceived notions of making it in the game. He’s gone from label employee, to group member (The Color Changin Click – where he teamed up with fellow label mate Chamillionaire), all the way to “The People’s Champ”…and rather quickly. 

With Paul Wall’s last album being released in April 07, a few folks thought Wall may be on a rap hiatus, but would a champion with such speed let his fans down?  Paul Wall is back on the scene ready to drop his 3rd studio album (or what some folk see as 4th), appropriately titled, “Fast Life”. Wall’s 1st single, “Bizzy Body”, which features Trill Entertainments all stars Webbie and Mouse on da Tracks, has paralleled the album title, and is taking over clubs nationwide. It’s a song that’ll quickly prove to be as contagious as any other Paul Wall feature and/or song. 

Fast Life  is set for an early 2009 release and is sure to exceed anything that the champ has ever done. American’s love the fast lane, and Wall’s album only continues to showcase that love. To show you that Paul Wall has no plans of dethroning his title as “The People’s Champ”, Wall has gathered an unbeatable roster of talent on the album, including production credits by Akon, Amadeus, Mouse on da Tracks, Beans &  Cornbread, and featured artists Yung Joc, Gorilla Zoe, Too Short, Z-Ro, Lil’ Keke & Expensive Taste. 

Though Paul Wall has appeared to be stagnant, let me assure you that Paul Wall’s work ethic hasn’t changed since first presenting himself to Swishahouse. Paul Wall maintains a family, hits the road on promo tours, still sells his blinged out grillz, all while making sure that his fans are aware that they are the sole reason for his hustle. Wall also took time to weigh in on this historical election. He was quoted in The Source Magazine saying, “Barack seems to come off as a true leader for everyone, whereas most people campaigning, including Hillary Clinton, seem to be just politicians. Barack seems to be genuine and sincere about his beliefs. He is selfless, while they are selfish. I’m gonna ‘Barack the vote’ this year and I’ve never voted before.” 

Paul Wall is also a member of Expensive Taste, a rap group with Travis

 Barker, Skinhead Rob, & Brent Leister. You can also catch them

designing hot clothes for their fashion line… 

Make sure you are 1st in line to get your copy of Fast Life, or you just might miss out on this one. I’d bet the album will sell as fast as the career Paul Wall has made for himself. How fast can you jump on board? 

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