Playaz Circle

Atlanta based rap duo Playaz Circle (Disturbing Tha Peace) members Dolla Boy and Tity Boi are no strangers to the music scene. Officially forming their group in 1997 the two formerly known as the “Duffle Bag Boys” have been in the game for some time now. From making their stamp with Luda to hitting the election trail, campaigning for felons to have the right to vote, this duo is ready to show the world that there’s more to rap in this full circle. Playaz is also an acronym that stands for Preparing Legal Assets for years from A to Z.

Platinum: You came out with duffle bag boys and it took over the streets it was hot. How did it feel to come out with such a successful hit?

Tity Boi: “It felt like a blessing, it felt like Gods work really paid off”. We been doing this since 1997-98 as for putting out music and recording, and to just finally get a successful record as hugh as duffle bag boy was, it feels like a lot of hard work was finally paying off and we getting closer to the goals we set in the 90’s of being heard.

Dolla Boy: “It was well deserved”, we been in the game for like 10 years and it kind of launched us up out of space and it was hard for us to except it. “Like one day we was on the block and the next day we was on 106 & park”.

Platinum: The mix tape is out there “The Campaign” that’s hot in the streets which is like a warm up to your upcoming album “Flight 360”. Can you tell me something about the album?

Tity Boi: Flight 360 is purely growth, purely a mature album. It’s an analogy to circle you know we go by playaz circle, because of the success of duffle bag boys we saw a lot of new things, traveled a lot rode in first class to different cities and learned new things. The album seems more like a DVD then an album because it’s so visual, it’s like a movie.
We have people like Luda, Lil Wayne, Bobby V and Jagged Edge on the album, so it’s a well rounded album, real quality album.

Dolla Boy: Well when we came out with duffle bag boy it was such a hit the label was like rushing us to come out with an album, so we went to the studio and rushed. But this album you will see the growth, through the music, the sounds we targeted different things. It will be a real treat for everybody.

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