Politics vs Politiks

Politics: Running for office

Politiks: Running the office and officer


Politics: Shaking Hands and kissing babies

Politiks: introductions at country clubs we never know about


Politics: Public display of feelings about issues and concerns

Politiks: Behind door meetings on how to keep things the same


Politiks is not a new game. It’s been happening since the world has been spinning. Countless times in history and even in literature we heard about Politiking. The funny thing about Politiking is it goes pass the public eye and into homes, church’s, and school’s.  It seems that institutions that help people out the most have the most politiks. I will never forget being a Union Organizer was a really great job; I changed lives and I saw it. However, officers of the union had to deal with and do so much politicking that I had to question sometimes the integrity of it all. Even though we just came out of one of the most open presidential campaigns in American history, Politiking is far from being over. With that being said, Be Entertained Magazine is pleased to present the new department named Politiking. Yes, we will still cover what’s going on in our world but we are also going to take it a step further by going in to the aspects of POLITIKING! Get ready for what is to come.

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