Presenting the 1st annual Media Appreciation Luncheon

AW Media Group and Enchanted PR in conjunction with Microsoft hosted their 1st annual media appreciation at the Microsoft store in Lenox Mall. The event was filled with many demonstrations for the products that Microsoft offered. Having quite a few great products that could help in your everyday life as well as in your professional life, Microsoft displayed products that could definitely hold their own against major competitors . With new products like the “Slate”, it will def give other tablets a run for it’s money. The slate is not only a tablet but a full running computer in your hand. equipped with the full windows operating system, usb inputs, hdmi inputs and more this is the ideal toy for any and every person on the go. Other products  introduced was the Xbox 360 Kinect which is the more interactive system  capable of voice activation and motion censor . . One thing that is very convenient for every media outlet is the Windows Live. It offers 25GB of free space and allows you the chance to send , share and create photo albums. When you get the chance, check all of them out.Microsoft offers many opportunities to utilize their space for your themed event, workshops and demonstration sessions.While this is the first event of it’s kind, it Surely won’t BE the last. Special thanks to AW media group and Enchanted PR really thought out the box with this one. Thanks Ladies and look forward to the next one. Thanks to all of the media outlets that were there.

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