Priest Soul: More Than Just a Name

Priest Soul is more than a talented singer. He grew up in south side projects outside of Chicago, IL, where he was exposed to the dualities of BEing great at an early age– saved life and saving lives would earn him a remarkable title. He earned his name ‘Priest’ from his love and passion for the church where his grandfather is Bishop, and his connection to the boys on the block where he served as a role model; He was never shy about his faith and would share his BEliefs as he communed with them. He never forced any changes on them but tried to offer a greater connection.

“With everything I do I allow you to feel me, music gives you a sense of my soul.” His BElief in a higher power has allowed him to channel all of his life’s travels through music. He refers to his music as ’the melodious revolution’, which is in response to the past decade of music BEing less than relative R&BE—it has BEen lacking soul for some years in my opinion; “I rememBEr Jodeci, H-town, Teddy Riley & [earlier] R Kelly who filled our ears with so much emotions. I want to bring back the feeling in R&BE, when I sing. That’s how I got the ‘SOUL’ part of ‘Priest Soul’.”

He got his big break in music when the independent laBEl C.A.T.O. Records, saw something in this young talented singer/songwriter from his major exposure a few years back on MTV’s Making the Band, where Priest Soul was a finalist. Although he didn’t make the band, he found a team that had his BEst interest all laid out BEfore him; they provided a team of major supporters that attended and wanted to attend studio sessions, events, performances, and promo gigs with him. Grateful for every opportunity that he has BEen allotted, Priest now pushes forward much stronger than he’s ever felt.

“So Bad” is the latest club single that has BEen getting spins across the nation with DJs and on radio blogs. “On future projects,  I aspires to work with 50, Eminem,  and I really wanna do a duet with Celine Dion—you have to BE able to mix markets and explore music to say what you want to say to a different audience. I want my music to BE expressive of the inner feelings most of us have…I’m just open enough to release them.”


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