Priscilla Renea

Meet singer/songwriter/(musical) superwoman Priscilla Renea! A YouTube baby that’s becoming a well-known name in ipods, radio, and her upcoming CD called Jukebox (Capitol Records/Power Entertainment) is set to drop December 1st. I got a chance to sit down with the 21-year-old artist to find out a little bit about what she represents.

Priscilla Renea a Florida native and a glamazon in the making started out singing on YouTube videos like most singers now a days but her talent is what led up to her debut. Writing her own songs with a guitar and also playing the piano gives her the versatility in this music industry making such hits as her single called “Dollhouse”. #36 on the top 40 charts that has everything you could possibly want in a video and an upbeat tempo that could easily parallel Katy Perry. Other tracks such as “Stone Garden” gives sensibility, and showcases the tempo-slow side of Miss Priscilla Renea.

When speaking with Priscilla, I instantly got the feel for a humble, yet hungry star on the rise. As we began to discuss the album and her love for the actual work behind the project, I grew engulfed in her love and passion for artistry. I became excited to hear more about Jukebox and the grass-roots BEhind it. “I loved getting to work with the in-house producers. They took me in when I moved to Atlanta…I practically lived with them while I grew into the music. Working with Black Smurf is like working with family, and its good to have a big brother within the music.”

Renea is more than mere vocals; she’s an established and talented musician who taught herself to play the guitar and can pretty much play the piano by ear. “I first started playing the piano around the age of 9, but we moved around a lot with my dad being military, but I recently taught myself how to play the guitar; it’ll be two years coming soon.”

Priscilla Renea definitely tapped into her inner beauty and soul for her upcoming project, and is ready to BE embraced by the masses of music lovers. “You are where you’re supposed to BE” is an attribute & quote that Priscilla follows as she begins her life as a recording artist.

BE one of the 1st to pick up a copy of Jukebox on December 1st in the store or on iTunes, you definitely won’t BE disappointed.


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