Project TurnAround Hosts Affordable Care Act Healthcare Forum


Last weekend, Project TurnAround (PTA) held the 2nd portion of their 3 part Healthcare Forum Series with Get Covered America, The Heath Initiative, & Georgia Equality. Representatives from each group spoke to the audience about the BEnefits of the Affordable Care Act, and how it affects various groups including the LGBT Community.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Marc Jean-Gill (OBGYN) & Neil BEresford (PTA Program Manager) to get their take on the importance of signing up for the Affordable Care Act.

“It’s important to get covered BEcause if you were to get sick & have to do a 4-5 day hospital stay, that’s gonna cost the average person $50 to $100,000 dollars, & with in these economic times, that could really bankrupt a person & send them into some hardships, if you can avoid that, I urge you to get covered. That goes for anyone. Females, if you’re planning on getting pregnant, get covered. If you’re at high risk, & you may need a surgery, get covered. Hospitals are not cheap & you don’t want that bill, so if you can avoid it, do so & get covered.” -Dr. Marc Jean-Gill

Along with informational presentations, PTA Director Cindy Bowden & Program Coordinator Steven Jackson made sure that lots of services were offered to attendees ranging from representatives from each initiative (Get Covered America, The Health Initiative, PTA, & Georgia Equality) there to greet you and discuss the particulars of their involvement, all the way to free HIV screenings.

“It’s important to include lots of different variables at these type of forums since a lot of people come out & don’t have insurance, they also have the opportunity to get free testing & things like that. It’s a great marriage to have when you can have a healthcare informational while allowing people to find out their status’.” -Neil BEresford

Project TurnAround has one more #GetSmart Healthcare Forum on March 9th. Visit PROJECT TURNAROUND for more information on how you can get involved.

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