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What happens when a personal fitness trainer takes a break from squats and planks and sits down to pen the follow up to her first novel When the Well Runs Dry? When the Well Runs Dry: Hushed Secrets (ISBN: 978-0-9850747-0-8; 2012 KBH Editions) by Katrina Butler Hill is another sexy, intriguing, tale of love, family, faith and discovery. The title is inspired by the old cliché: you never miss the water until the well runs dry. Hill believes “that our souls are like wells and every once in a while they are destined to go dry. The beauty of it all is that they can always be filled again.”

Geena and Michael Sullivan are a happy dedicated and loving couple. Michael is supportive and respective of his wife and her two daughters from a previous union. Michael is a strong voice of reason when Geena’s life beings to unravel. When the Sullivan’s oldest daughter Lily experiences love and heartache for the first time Geena is ready to swoop in and save the day as only a mother would, however to her surprise she comes to see that her baby girl is becoming a mature woman right before her eyes. When Lily falls for the hottest boy in school, the quarterback and starting point guard, Dustin Knox her teenage heart is torn to pieces when the boy of her dreams spends a night with her best friend. Teenage emotions spiral, parents meddle and all the while true love is formed. The author tackles issues of step-parenting, teenage pregnancies, affairs and homosexuality. Hill says, her fitness clients who have all sorts of interesting stories to share during sessions inspire her.

Katrina Butler Hill has found an unusual audience for her novels–men. Generally speaking men don’t usually read novels. When asked about her male readership the author states, “Men enjoy reading my novels because they are able to follow the story line easily. I think adding a little erotica helps to keep their attention. My male readers have expressed the appreciation for the character Michael. He is a good man. He’s a strong black man who supports wife and step daughters.” From reading When the Well Runs Dry: Hushed Secrets, it is revealed that Geena has had an extra-marital affair. Society always highlights the indiscretions of men, Katrina says, “I intentionally added a twist to this novel. Media loves to point the finger at the man when a relationship fails, leaving some to believe that all relationships end due to the lack of faith and control of the man. My intentions were to force women to stand up and finally say I make mistakes too.”

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    This is a fantastic book.  I’ve read both books, When the Well Runs Dry and it’s sister book, When the Well Runs Dry Hushed Secrets.  Each book will have you wanting to read more.  I am waiting for the next book.  The Author, is a warm and loving person who cares about her readers.  Stay tuned because the best is yet to come!!!!!!

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