Q Parker Jr Host’s Karaoke for Kidz

The kidz recently showed us they have what it takes as well when they all took to the microphone at the Karaoke for Kidz event hosted by Q Parker Jr, Son of Q Parker Sr (112) and Sharlina (Big Rich Atlanta, Tu La 2 Nail Salon). The event was held at the always exciting and family friendly Nancy’s Pizza In Buckhead. The event collected Water,Gatorade and other refreshing drinks  for the 5K walk for “Community Walk-A-Thon & Festival for Education which will BE held May 3rd. 

Special guestswho showed their support to Q Jr included his Aunt Sabrina, Sister Kahdijiha Rowe Toya and Memphitz Wright, Michael Keith (112), Steven Baggs (NFL), Songwriter TC  , We are Toonz (Creators of The Nae Nae), Kelsey Nykole (Couples Therapy) his school mates and many more people showing their support, the event collected over 50 cases of water, Gatorade and powerade for the May 3rd Walk.

Stay connect with Q Parker Jr @QParkerJr and show your support

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