Q&A w/ Anthony Pazos: BEauty is His Business


So Tell our readers about yourself and your upbringing?

I’m from Los Angeles born and raised. I come from a pretty large family. Life was a bit of everything, from dealing with bullying at school to the fun times I rememBEr with me and my sisters and family. But now I’m here in West Hollywood and working with Kim Kimble, who is fabulous and a master at what she does. I really love and appreciate everything she has shown and taught me.

How did you get into the world of hair and BEauty?

Well I have 2 sisters so it kind out worked out where I was responsible for getting them ready for school in the mornings. I would help them get dressed and do their hair and make sure they brushed their teeth, so I think that was the first taste into where it started. When I was 10 I was doing their hair with extensions and braids and all types of things. I would look at pictures and try to re-create the styles, they were like my guinea pigs *laughs.

How are celebrity clients vs. regular clients?

I mean the price bracket is different BEcause of the salon I work at and BEcause of the association with Kim Kimble, but my clients are demanding and want you to go above and BEyond and I’m talking about both regular clients and celebrity clients when I say that. There is a slight difference when dealing with celebrities BEcause they have that added edge and “diva”ness ¬†but not really too much of a difference other than that.

How do you feel watching the transformation happen with your clients as you do their hair from BEfore to after?

The transformation is always fun to see. I love to see the change in attitude and feeling that my client has after the style has BEen completed. I think it makes them feel BEtter and builds their confidence up more when they see that new style. I just had a client recently who was in her 60’s and I added extensions to her hair and she had never had extensions BEfore, but afterwards she felt so different about herself. It’s like she became alive all over again. She was just flipping and swinging her hair everywhere I’m telling you. To see that was amazing and made me proud of what I do.


Ok here we go! LA Hair, Let’s talk about it.¬†

I love it. The very first season was a bit of a culture shock for me coming from like the BEverly Hills background and there was only white people to coming into this upscale salon and it is a mix of cultures and backgrounds. I mean this season is crazy though its something about when that camera comes on, it’s like people turn up and show out!. There is so much fighting this season, I just can’t even explain it, you all just have to watch. But overall I love the show. I love Kim, she is an A-list celebrity hairstylist and so amazing at what she does. I’m kind of glad it all happened. I have great friends like Dontay and Angela whom I met through all this and who have helped me up my craft and now I can work with all types of hair and do different styles and techniques.¬†

Now you mentioned a few of your cast mates, but I’m gonna throw some names out and you tell me the first thing that pops in your head?

Oh lord! Ok I’m ready, I hope I don’t get into too much trouble.¬†China: Annoying *laughs. ¬†Dontay: Nasty! Kim: Lovebug! and finally Angela: DIVA!


Website: www.AnthonyPazos.com

Twitter/Instagram: @anthonypazos

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