Q&A w/ Jodie Rowlands: The “SEW-IN Queen”


BE MAG: How you get your start into this Hair industry?

Jodie Rowlands: I’ve always had a passion for doing hair. Since I was younger playing with my barbie’s, I was so into their hair and styling it. Then we moved to the states from England It was a big thing at that time for the “quick weave” . I always wanted one, but my mom was not letting that happen. Anyhow, I taught myself how to do the quick weave and then it all evolved from there to the sew-ins.



JR: I definitely support the weave movement. I just want to also encourage women to take care of their natural hair as well. You can wear the weave, just take care of your own natural hair. A weave should BE an option, not mandatory.  Healthy hair to me is hair that isn’t relaxed; it’s the hair that you were born with. It should BE cut, conditioned, and kept clean. Lace closures are a great alternative when doing weaves, as they let your natural hair underneath maintain it’s health and makes sure it isn’t damaged.

BE MAG:  The So Sew Hair Tour? What made you want to do a sew-in tour?

JR: I have a lot of clients that fly in from all over the place that come to me  and they always ask me why there aren’t good stylists in their cities, or other cities they go to, BEcause they weren’t having the same experience as with me. So my goal was to have this tour set up and go around to different US cities and teach a few students and stylists how to use my sew-in technique and take it back and use on clients in their salons and places of business. I don’t see it as giving away my secrets or anything like that, this is my passion and  I want to help others BEcome BEtter at hair care and styling. I can’t personally do every head in America myself (lol).

BE MAG: 24hour SEW-A-THON??? Please tell us about that.

JR: Basically we did a sew -a -thon for 24 hours. Me and two assistants did sew ins from Saturday to Sunday. We worked ’round the clock to get as many done as we could. We also had food and games to keep folks awake and the momentum going. We are fast workers, so we got a lot done and it’s a way of giving back to my clients BEcause the sew-ins were at a discount from my usual rate.

BE MAG: Are there any other projects that we should BE aware of, or looking out for?

JR: Yes I have a hairline called Conceal Virgin Hair . I want to make sure people have great hair, so I worked with a distributor and company for over 2 years to get this going and make sure I’m providing the BEst product and customer services to my consumers out there.

BE MAG: Any final words?

JR: I look at everything as a lesson in life. I wouldn’t go back and change or re-do anything. The only thing I will say for me, that mayBE I should have done, was go to cosmetology school instead of college, but other that, I’m thankful for all that I have done so far and every opportunity that has BEen granted to me.

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