Q&A w/ the Hair Icon Shiree McClendon

Give BE Magazine readers a little background info on who you are.

I’ve BEen in the BEauty industry for over 15 years. I originated from Memphis TN starting in my kitchen, I never wanted to do hair for a living, but I soon realized it was my gift and it was the “Thing” that would get me where I desire to BE in Life.

How did you get started in the business? 

I started seriously in 2005 BEcause I had no choice… I was homeless, carless, and broke and realized if i did what I was called to do, I would have a BEtter life. I started in an established salon with no clientele. I worked from 9am-10pm most days, just sitting and BEing available for possible clients. I started as a  commission-based stylist, but within 30 days, I transferred over to a booth renter BEcause I exceeded the booth rental amount. I was booth rental for 5 years BEfore I went into my private suite salon, BEing there for 1 year.

How do you measure success?

Success is measured by frame of mind. When a goal is set and later accomplished, you’ve BEcome a success! I feel success is measured in levels, not monetarily. Success is as big or as small as you can handle, and only you can decide if you’ve reached the level of success you’ve set out to accomplish.

DescriBE your ideal customer.

My ideal customer is the Girl/Woman who desires to BE bigger than average.  With my brands Hair Icon BEauty Bar, Icons Only Premium Virgin Hair, THI Cordless Industries were created to BE different from the average product lines. I specialize in Exotic Extensions for woman battling with hair loss and active lifestyles. I BElieve woman are their BEst when the look there BEst.  So when you you need more than the regular way of installations, I specialize in BEing the go to for BEarer breaking services. 

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Finish the statement “In the Perfect World…”

In a perfect world there would BE no struggle! I was once starving, homeless, carless and helpless, with 3 Children. I dreamed of a day when I wouldn’t feel the need to walk around looking down, praying to find $.25 cents to hopefully soon come up with a dollar to get my kids a dollar fry to share. I’ve had some bad years and I wouldn’t wish that lifestyle on anyone. As much money as America has, no one should BE hungry. I feel like those are gaps that could BE easily mended. 

What do you have coming up in the Summer/Fall?

I have Bronner Brothers International Hair Show coming up in August, demonstrating the Cordless Flat Iron. We are also opening our new mall kiosk located in Downtown Norfolk, VA, selling the entire ICON Line, Premium Virgin Hair, Cordless Flat Iron, Teeth Whitening. and Lashes. We are closing 2015 out with a big bang! We’ve worked with alot of people, good and bad, and learned lessons we weren’t planning on learning at the moment… lol. “The Hair Icon Brand is a Force not to BE reckoned with.

How can our readers stay connected to you and your brand?

I’m on Google baby… lol. No, but for real, I have a awesome website featuring all my products ThehairIcon.com and a speciality site for THI Cordless THICordless.com. I’m on all social media sites Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Snapchat @Thehairicon where I talk about everything  from Hair Education, BEauty, & Fashion, to Fitness. I’ve learned a lot within these past 8 years and everything I talk about is what’s going to hopefully stop you from going through anything bad like I had to endure. I love life and want everyone to love it also. We’ve only got one chance to get this thing called life right, there are no Take 2’s…… MUAH

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