1. You have such a creative line. How did you get started?

Why Thank you! I got started with K’T late 2010 early 2011. It started with a mere conversation between two friends (craig brown and myself) with the hopes of bettering our future and not being confined to a mere 9-5 job. That conversation turned into ideas being put in motion which led to KreativeThinking, LLC being formed then alllll the way to what you see today. So yea…. when Drake said “started from the bottom” K’T really started from the BOTTOM… shout out Drake!!
2. Now that you’re established has anything changed with what or how you create?
Yes Absolutely! I would say the designs from then to now has changed immensely. One will always say their own creative work is good, but when I look back at all my old creative work and I say YUCK! With anything, life, work, business, etc one has to evolve and I feel the brand and the designs have evolved tenfold. I always challenge my team and myself to push the design limits and dare to be kreative and make our next work better than our last. Now that we’re becoming more established, more and more eyes are upon us, so we must constantly stay ahead of the kreative curve and keep the people engaged with our unique designed garments.  Fashion has leaped so far ahead of time that you can pretty much put anything out and it will sell (kanye fashion line)  🙂
3. How would you describe the type of person that would love your store?
The type of person that would love our store is one who has a limitless mind. One who dares to be kreative and loves colors and uniqueness. Our brand caters to a mass population of people who goes into a store and see’s that one garment they like but maybe it’s not the color they wanted or maybe the design doesn’t have a particular color they like.. welp…. that’s when you come to K’T apparel!! One of our many slogans are “Wear what everyone else isn’t” Because we thrive on one of one garments which are kreated to “Fit your individual swag”
4. Kreative Thinking is more than just a fashion line. You all have helped businesses with logos and promotional items. Tell me more about that
Yes! I’m glad you guys noticed that! What a majority of people don’t know is that KreativeThinking is an actual company. We are an LLc business from New York which offers a lot of other services. K’T the “brand” is just one branch under the KreativeThinking umbrella.We offer logo design, vector conversion, t-shirt printing, website services and a slew of other things as well. The brand is just the catalyst of of it all and with that, we promote our other services with it. We’ve had clients come get a logo design from us then turn right around and get their t-shirts printed thru us. So we’re like your one stop shop for all things branding wise. As the company and brand grows these thing will come to the forefront more and more, and I Thank Swurv for bringing light to that!!
5. What inspired the line?
That’s a good question! Inspiration has to start from within first n foremost and with that inspiration you’re inspired to go out and manifest it based on your desire. I was inspired by the culture of fashion and had a desire to do fashion and I put my kreativity to good use and soon after I created KreativeApparel and it lead me here to Alwayztherro doing this interview!
6. We see you guys reference the Notorious BIG a lot on your clothing. What does he mean to your brand?
Yes! we have 3 separate types of Biggie designs.
One is called “Biggie Picasso” (Biggie with the crown, glasses, and coogie alone) the other is called
 “Brooklyn Biggie” (the one with biggie face chain and the words ‘spread luv its the brooklyn way’)
 and lastly we have “Biggie Quotables” (the one with the cartoon figure of biggie and you’re able to put your favorite biggie quote on the shirt)
The brand was started and originated in brooklyn New York and coming up Biggie was by far my favorite emcee and I’ve always wanted to do something to keep his memory and image alive but in a kreative way. So I teamed up with a DOPE illustrator and good friend Philipe Colbert  who created the “Brooklyn Biggie” and “Biggie Quotable” designs to bring the people just that. The Biggie Picasso design was created afterwards just to give people the 3 stables we ALL know of biggie… The crown…. The shades….. and the Coogie…. Every brand needs that one go-to  design where people can categorize it with and the Biggie designs sure does that for K’T apparel!
 7. What is Fashion to Kreative Apparel?
Fashion to Kreative Apparel is art… simply put, ART.. I say this because people are painting real life visual pictures everyday when they decide to pick out what to wear and show to the world. There are many types of pictures people realistically paint. From street, high fashion, gothic, hippy, normcore, preppy, business, casual, etc..etc.. You are what you wear and fashion is a way to express to the world who you are. All I ask is that when you want to express that visual art, shop with K/T Apparel! *shameless plug*
8. Are there any future releases the viewers should keep an eye out for?
Yes! We are constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to designs and we periodically post those visuals on our instagram pages @kreativeapparel and @ktapparel just to get a general feel of how our potential clients feel about certain designs. The best way to check for future releases is to stay connected with us on instagram and check the website out www.kreativethinking.com because sometimes we do flash releases on the website with an exclusive designed t-shirt….
9. What’s one word to describe KreativeApparel?
You Just said it! “Kreative”
10. Where can the viewers reach you or check out your clothing?
Everyone can check out our website www.kreativethinking.com and if anyone needs a custom design or logo feel free to email us atkreativethinking1@gmail.com.
11. How did you start brand?
I started the brand back in late 2010 with a vision. Me and a former coworker of mines named Craig decided that working a 9 to 5 was not going to be the be all end all of our lives, so we stirred up conversation on starting a brand. Being that I was the more assertive individual and more talkative one, I pretty much took the steering wheel and drove k’t to many of the destinations it has been thus far. See what I want people to know is that K’T apparel is just the brand. KreativeThinking LLC is the company, so the brand is just one of the many branches of the kreativeThinking tree. The brand is being used for people to recognize the name K’T in whole, so when other branches start to form, people are already familiar with the name. K’t started from a mere conversation, to a drawing of a logo, which manifested into designs that now hundreds of people are now wearing. That’s pretty DOPE if you ask me!
12. Growing up did you know you would get into fashion?
Absolutely not! Growing up my aspirations was to be a professional ball player dreaming of one day playing in the n.ba, making millions of dollars, being the best player in the world, being elected to the hall of fame, and retiring in the sunset….Welp…. That unfortunately didn’t happen so I always had a plan a,b,c and d. Fashion was my plan Z. It wasn’t until I started doing music and was signed to an indie label, that I was groomed on how to upkeep your appearance. In my era baggy clothes and all was in, so putting on a more fitted jean and wearing a button up shirt and doing photo shoots was a HUGE culture shock for me. The crazy thing is was that I LOVED it. From that point on I was on the fashion wave and I rode that wave here and i’m going to continue to ride it until me and my K’T team reaches the TOP!  
13. Who is your favorite designer? 
I’m totally bias when it comes to this question so of course i’m going to say ME, but If I absolutely had to name at least one I would say Ozwald Boateng. Reason being is because this man started independently and until 2007 was the creative director of menswear for Givenchy! I love colors and he bought the colorway to the suit game in a very kreative way, so that I always admired and inspired to be.
14. What’s your most favorite city to visit?
My most favorite city to visit now that i’m not living there anymore is New York! Hands down no questions asked… period. Especially when it comes to fashion. New York to me is the mecca! From fashion week, to fashion shows, and just everyday people out and about showing off their fashion prowess. New York is a melting pot on everything fashion related. You can be walking in manhattan and see a little boutique and bam, a fashion show may be going on. There is ALWAYS something going on in New York fashion related.
15. Is your clothing line unisex?
Yes! Men, women, babies, toddlers, elderlies, etc are ALL welcomed to “ROCK” with K’T apparel! Our unique designs caters to the masses. This is another thing that I would like people to know as well, is that K’T does custom designed t-shirts and custom tailored designed garments, so anyone can come and inquire getting something done with K’T. There is no limit to anyone’s Kreativity, so k’T wouldn’t dare put a limit on the Kreativity we produce.
16. Do you have any fashion hobbies? 
The biggest fashion Hobby I have is thrifting. Man O man once I was introduced to the thrifting world I have NEVER been the same again. You can Kreate soooo many different looks and styles threw thrifting and all for affordable prices. Taking something old and Kreating something new is a total Thrill booster for me! I always say “where has thrift stores been all my life” and they have been right here all this time….
also I want to shout out my whole K’T team!
Tiffany (@curlyknows) Ortiz -model
Shay  (@yungd0llaz) Ringling -model
Jasmine (@_jaszmine) Plaza -model
Chris (@hesayheforeign) Chandler -model
Tee (@_mr_perfection_) Morgan -photographer
Quilla (@insomni_act) T -Blogger
These guys keep the K’T wheels moving and I’m forever grateful to work with them!


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