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       “THIS IS MY DREAM…” 

Boxie & J.Holiday Teyanna & Boxie

The Otis Redding song, “ Its been a long time coming.” is very appropriate to describe this young, up and coming R & B singer from Queens experience to get where he is today in the music industry.  Jason H. Dendy, most notably known as “Boxie”  literally sings his heart out in his songs! He tells of his life experience through every lyric, and although he is 18 and still looks like he just got here the words to his songs make you forget all that.  Boxie, being the youngest of five, and hailing from the borough Southside Jamaica, with a mother whose a nurse and a father who was out financially pulling things together for his family as a messenger.

His first musical appearance at church caused a soul-stirring firestorm, and he’s been touching people with his music every since. At the age of 9, he expanded his talents to not just vocal, he taught himself to play the piano. He has also appeared on the Apollo TV show, where he won 3 times. While he continued his love of music as he grew up, he also found himself going back and forth between that and the streets. It was through the streets that he met up with BJ from Murder INC. A & R, where he was introduced to the music business via BJ through his Get Right music company. In 2005, Boxie released his first mixtape titled, “Boxie The Mixtape” which was an underground success. He also layed down a track for Memphis Bleek called, “Infatuated”.

At 15, and after contributing his vocal skills to laying down many tracks in multi-million dollar studios, BJ and Boxie met up with Bryan Leach of Polo Grounds Music forming a new musical alliance. Recently, Boxie has recorded his new single called, “ Let Me Show You” that features Juelz Santana. Not to mention his vocal skills being showcased on label mate Hurricane Chris’ “Players Rock”. This multi-talented young man has also secured his place in fashion. He is the fresh new addition to FILA international apparel which covers both print and television worldwide. After several studio sessions with the likes of Ne-Yo, Brian-Michael Cox, Eric Hudson and multiple others, Boxie is well on his way to securing his place among the R & B superstars! He is very forth coming in relating his feelings about his life experiences to others by letting them know, “Everybody needs to know that if you have a dream, go for it, no matter what your life situation. This is my dream.”

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