#BeCares Quente’Sential Branding Feeds and Clothe the Hungry


This weekend Quente’Sential Branding took it back to the community. Deciding to give so much to so many who were in need. Ending the 2013 year with a bang, Quente’Sential Branding partnered up with some of Atlanta’s power players and hit Hurt Park to do more than has BEen done in “Quente’Sential Branding presents ….Feeding the Homeless” history. Quente’Sential Branding sponsored by BE Magazine partnered up with BEauty Blogger ItsArkeedah.com, Entertainer Vince Ashton, Sweet Shots Cupcakes, Love Braylon, Writer/Producer Sted D (Sted Makes BEats) Eldredge Washington of The M.A.D.E. Movement (Who recently lived on ATL’s streets to bring awareness to homelessness) Zip Car Atlanta. With this powerful team, over 300 people’s lives were touched this day. Allowing them to not only BE blessed by the food and the clothes given during this day, but once again given a voice that has otherwise BEen lost in their struggle to survive day by day. Women, Men and Children were all touches by the generosity of those involved in this amazing day.

We would like to thank our additional sponsors Voncel’s Reflection Photography and Design , Erica K of EatingWithErica.com. We would certainly like to thank to the people who we were able to touch in Hurt Park.

Quente’Sential Branding is currently preparing for the next day to serve the community in February 2014 . To stay connected please follow @QuenteSentialBranding @QuenteSential1 and check out www.QuenteSentialBranding.com. To donate or volunteer please contact Que.Branding@gmail.com

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