Qwannell "Que" Mosley – Life Beyond Day26 – Still A Bad Boy

former Day26 member Que



In the aftermath of Day26, Qwanell “Que” Mosley is attempting to pick up the pieces.

Pieces of a dream he once had…

Pieces of an image almost all but destroyed on national television…

It was not even three years ago that Que was celebrating his greatest musical achievement to date. August 26, 2007 was the date that Sean “Diddy” Combs formed a new all-male R&B group on his hit show, Making the Band 4Brian Andrews, Michael McCluney, Qwanell Mosley, Robert Curry, and Willie Taylor were chosen to be Diddy’s latest creation on the heels of the breakout success of his all-female creation, Danity Kane.

Que and his “band” would find themselves thrust into the spotlight as MTV’s built-in audience provided an instant fan base.  They filmed another season of MTB4.  The next year, their self-titled debut album would release March 25, 2008 and hit #1 on Billboard 200 selling 200,000 copies. Later that year, they filmed yet another season of MTB4 which saw Diddy disband Danity Kane due to personal problems in the group. 

Though their debut album had strong first week sales, their album sales overall did not meet expectations and promotion of the project was halted to work on a second studio album. Titled, Forever in a Day, Day26 would also film a continuation of MTB4 season 3. Airing February 2009, the show focused around finishing their sophomore release and Que’s personal problems.  The second half of that season saw Que having frequent arguments and disagreements with the other members of the group, leading the public to think he was “crazy,” and even “bipolar.” One memorable episode saw Diddy banning Que from joining Day26 on a vacation and performance aboard a popular cruise ship.

The season – and Making the Band 4 series – ended with Day26 still intact and a video album was even released August 2009 featuring visuals of the tracks release on their sophomore album.  The men even won the 2009 BET Award for Best Group.

On November 24, 2009, Willie announced that Day26 were leaving Bad Boy for Atlantic Records. One week later – after rumors were rampant – Que confirmed that Day26 had asked him to leave the group, and he was later removed from the group. “It wasn’t really nothing to do with [Day26],” says Que. “It’s was just management. I found the manager in breach of contract. I don’t want to put his name out there. Basically he had a contract he wanted me to sign that locked me in until 2060 and if I die, my funds go to him and his family. I refused. Basically, we were getting double taxed.  I told my group members about it, I got a lawyer, and since we had a new deal at Atlantic, let’s go in fresh for a new year. Let’s control our own careers. My bandmates were all down for it and the next day, everything switched. Now, everybody already thinks I’m crazy so I don’t wanna say the wrong thing so they can say ‘Yo, this dude’s trippin again.’ So I told them that if they don’t want me here, fine. So they sent me a letter, they said peace out we’re keeping our manager and that was that. I feel as if management and shady business people broke us up.”

And while it has been confirmed that the group has begun working on their third studio album solely on Atlantic Records, and did not move with Bad Boy to Interscope Records, Que is busy forging a career of his own. “I’m working on a solo mixtape to release March 23 entitled Q-Files it’s gon be crazy. People are gonna hear my story and my music. Que by himself not Day26 and what I am bringing to the table.” He elaborates, “Recording on my own, I can be more creative. I’m running my own business. If I don’t like a song, we can do another one. When people send me appearances, contracts and dates, I’m seeing everything. I’m seeing all my money on paper. I’m so happy I’m in charge of my business now. Our (Day26) management wasn’t doing that.”

We asked him if, looking back 2-3 years ago, he ever thought he would be in this position.

“Being a part of Day26, I never saw this coming but I’m thankful for this opportunity for whatever God has put me in this place to do. I thought we were gonna be Day26 forever. Maybe later on once that Day26 brand blew up we’d start working on our own stuff and then still record together. I never thought I would have gotten kicked out of Day26. I didn’t think things were that serious.”

Que is determined to make his own mark, now that circumstances have birthed his solo career. “I want people to walk away with something from my songs. Whether they’re dancing in the clubs or a slow, R&B song I want people to get a sense of Que and see that he’s not just a reality star but that he has potential to be great in the future. I think people are going to appreciate the music and say, ‘This kid has talent and deserves a shot.’ We weren’t given the opportunity to do what we really can do.  If I fail or make it, it will be because of me.”

Though a breakup as we know can burn even the strongest of bridges, Que still maintains relationships with some of his former bandmates. “I reached out to Mike. Robert came to D.C. and I talked with him. I haven’t reached out to Willie and I tried to call Brian. I felt kind of stupid and manipulated when Willie went on the radio and put out my personal business. It was like Kobe and Shaq. I would never go on the radio and go personal and put out business. It’s no beef though. At the end of the day, we’re all men and it’s all love. On to the next one.”

Speaking of the next one, Que has already released the first single from the mixtape on February 23rd, entitled “Shake Dat” and it’s coming to a city near you! He says the response so far from the single has been very positive. [LISTEN HERE or BELOW]

And what about his relationship with then-Danity Kane-now Dirty Money member Dawn Richard?

“We’re still going strong. I’m so in love with that girl. Shouts out to Dirty Money. Dawn, Puff, and Kaleena, they’re doing their thing. She inspires me to just get better every day so we can have a marriage and a life and a future together. “Get my music at DTLR and iTunes. And on March 23rd look out for QFiles.

If you want to get at Qwannell “Que” Mosley, follow him on Twitter at Que_thefuture.

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