Raheem DeVaughn: Destination Loveland by Nicole Ayilola

 His thick, smooth, soul-filling melodies drift into oblivion. The casually cool male passionately sings each note with just enough emotion and delicacy that can BE reached. Raheem DeVaughn, taunts us with, “You” in 2006, teaches us with “Woman” in 2007 and teases us in his “Customer” in 2008. Not only is Raheem DeVaughn a bright and intelligent artist, but a domineering voice in today’s society. He recently received the Key to the City of DC for his HIV/AIDS involvement and also has an EP, “Destination Loveland” releasing February 14th, 2012 prior to his fourth album tentatively debuting around May 5th. In the midst of achieving major heights, BE reporter Nicole Ayilola sat down to get to know more about this blooming star.Nicole Ayilola: How old are you?
Raheem DeVaughn: Timeless, a lot of people never catch my age.Nicole Ayilola: Where are you from?
Raheem DeVaughn: I was born in New Jersey, raised in Maryland, and Newark NJ. I was introduced to the suburban life and the city life.Nicole Ayilola: How do you think your background has influenced your music?
Raheem DeVaughn: My background has tremendously influenced my background. Growing up listening to Big Daddy Kane, the Go Go scene, and all of that diversity definitely shows through my music.Nicole Ayilola: Who are some artist you look up to and would love towork with  in the near future?
Raheem DeVaughn: There are so many! I’d love to work with The Roots, Ghostface Killa again, D. Angelo, Sade, Lauren Hill, Adele, Justin BieBEr, James Blake and James Blunt.

Nicole Ayilola: Wow what a great group of people! What was the motivation for you releasing this EP Destination Loveland on February 14th?
Raheem DeVaughn: It was to campaign Team Raheem, and putting out free original music for the fans to enjoy..

Nicole Ayilola: What is one life-changing event/events that directly changed your life, and what lesson/lessons did you learn?
Raheem DeVaughn: The birth of my children really was a changing event in my life. Really showed how your life doesn’t just affect you and it’s really a call to duty for men, I am also a gun shot wound survivor.[Photo Credit:B-DiGi Studio/ Maya A. Darasaw of M.A.D Works Photography]Nicole Ayilola: Really? What happened?
Raheem DeVaughn: Baltimore city in 1996 I was shot and it really made me think, what is the legacy I’m leaving on this Earth, that’s also when I went full force into music and realized I have to make it my life. Lastly, when I was nominated for 3 Grammy’s, BEing recognized tremendously by my peers motivated me even more.Nicole Ayilola: What’s one message that you consistently send through your music?
Raheem DeVaughn: Love, through all of my album titles, my music topics. Love is something that is free, and it heals. It is pretty powerful.Nicole Ayilola: What other talents do you have?
Raheem DeVaughn: I can cook. I even want to go to culinary school one day.Nicole Ayilola: How is your upcoming 4th album going to differ in sound and feel from the rest?
Raheem DeVaughn: My maturity as a man has evolved and it shows in the next album.

Nicole Ayilola: You have a lot of women appreciated songs compared to a lot of other artist these days. Why is that?
Raheem DeVaughn: I try to BE the voice for the man that cannot put his love into words. I sing from the heart.

Nicole Ayilola: That is a very unique quality to have. It was a pleasure interviewing you. What’s your twitter so the fans can follow you & keep up with your music?
Raheem DeVaughn: @OfficiallyRaheem_Devaughn

Not only is Raheem DeVaughn a force to BE taken seriously, but also a talent that knows he has more to grow, and that, in fact, is the BEst knowledge of all.

Check out some new music from Raheem’s mixtape “Destination Loveland” which features Uncle Snoop Dogg. The track is called “BE the One”. You can download “Destination Loveland” by clicking [HERE]
[Photo Credit: B-DiGi Studio/ Maya A. Darasaw of M.A.D Works Photography]

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