Raheem DeVaughn: R&B Hippy Neo-Soul Rockstar

Following in the footsteps of those socially conscious soul singers that have come before him, JIVE Records artist Raheem DeVaughn is continuing the legacy of the likes of Donny Hathaway and Marvin Gaye. Anyone with ears and an FM radio can notice the disparities in the messages that permeate the air waves and those of love and empowerment that make up a Raheem DeVaughn track.

BE Magazine got the chance to vibe with the self proclaimed “R&B Hippy Neo-Soul Rock Star” to discuss his third album “The Love and War Masterpeace” and the meaning behind his music. BE Magazine has always supported the talent and accomplishments of Raheem, so we were elated when we were granted an interview with one of the industry’s most gifted artists just three days after the release of his album.

The first thing we wanted him to clarify for us was the reason he classified himself as an “R&B Hippy Neo-Soul Rockstar”? Raheem went on to explain that “when you roll all of those into one, that’s what you get. My music is a combination of so many different genres and elements.” While his nature of genre mixing is apparent on his first two albums, “The Love Experience” and “Love Behind The Melody”, Raheem takes it to an all new height with “The Love and War Masterpeace” which boasts features from artists ranging from Ludacris to Jill Scott and Cornell West. Beginning with a grassroots following in the DC Metro Raheem has come a long way, we were curious about his growth process, and if he did anything differently this time around. “Well this is my first double cd” Raheem explained, “There’s a master deluxe version of this album, 28 tracks. I have a lot of cameos on this album, so a lot of people that I worked with I enjoyed working with. I think it just shows my growth as a writer, as a man, as a singer.” We also wanted to pick his brain about how it felt to be in the first week after his album was released. Raheem told us that it “feels good’ we are three days in now, and I’m starting to get the reports of how the album is doing, and we’re off to a great start.” Raheem goes further to explain that though he is excited about the initial reaction to the album that he is “big on the weeks and months to follow, verses the first week. There’s a lot of work to be done, there’s still a lot of people who don’t know about Raheem DeVaughn, or know about the music, so I want to expose as many people to this project as possible.” We wanted to offer Raheem the opportunity to tell you, the audience, who he is outside of the studio. “Well half of this project is socially conscious and half is love. The album is definitely a representative of me and what I stand for, and some of my personal agendas and personal things that I’ve taken a stand against. For one domestic violence…” Raheem explains that the record “Black and Blue” is quickly being adopted as the anthem of domestic violence campaigns. “I just feel like as a writer and producer we got to take the time to talk about some other things in our music, rather than typical everyday stuff.”

As for Raheem’s third album, “The Love and War Masterpeace” is sure to be a masterpiece. We already mentioned some of the names that you will find on this project, yet others include poet Malik Yusef, Damian “Gong” Marley, and native of the DC Metro, Wale to mention a few. We are convinced that this album will change the world of music, but with all of the tragedy and catastrophe occurring in the world, BE wanted to know what other contributions Raheem is making. “I’ve been a part of different {relief} events in my city. I was just recently with Wyclef and Minister Farrakhan for ‘Savior’s Day’. I actually performed for Savior’s Day. In short, we are living in dangerous strange times where people need to get closer with The Creator, and that’s what this album embodies as well.”

After closely following Raheem’s career for years now, we knew that our readers would want to know what the best thing about being Raheem DeVaughn. “I guess just to sit back and see the rewards of the work. Now that the album is done, we put it out, and now we reap the benefits, the fruits of our labor.” Raheem explained that it is very humbling to hear the reviews and responses to his work. So we urge you all to go out and buy your own copy of “The Love and War Masterpeace” and let Raheem know what you think. You can follow him on twitter at @RadioRah or on Facebook.com as he welcomes your feedback

Check out Raheem’s lead single “Bulletproof” ft. Ludacris

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