Rasheeda – Boss of her City



What does it take to BE the boss of a city?

BEing from Atlanta is like a dream come true for the up and coming rapper/artist, but making sure that the city respects you can BE a different story altogether. Atlanta rapstress Rasheeda knows this story all too well, and still manages to put her city on her shoulders and run with it.

From first sight, it’s obvious that Rasheeda is even more of a BOSS than she claims to BE. With such a soft, BEautiful face and frame, most wouldn’t take this “Georgia Peach” seriously in the rap game; but once she opens her mouth (whether rapping or not), it quickly becomes evident that she’s not only equipped with the same gift of gab that many top stars possess, but that she also follows a similar success story…in the making.

Rasheeda Frost (formerly Rasheeda Buckner) signed to D-Lo Entertainment as a youth on the ATL streets, and got her 1st name as a grinder being one-third of the rap group Da Kaperz. “We were just some little young chicks who were trying to get in the game; we were just playing around with it at first, but we really started putting some things together and taking it a little more serious when we put out our first independent album out in 1998.” Although Da Kaperz soon disbanded, D-Lo had found their diamond in the rough in Rasheeda and decided to keep her on the roster as a solo act. In 2000, Rasheeda re-appeared on the scene with the single “Do It” and her grind has been heavy ever since.

Rasheeda’s talent is undeniable! She has one of those voices that’s truly unique and even often times duplicated. Who do you think is responsible for the new-aged slow paced rap technique? Some award D4L’s Shawty Lo, and some even think some of the newer artists like J-Futuristic (J-Money), or Yung LA can BE accredited for this now widely-accepted rap technique, but if you take it back to 2000 well before any of those male counterparts were on the scene, Rasheeda was in the streets gaining notoriety as the slow spitting sex siren that refuses to allow her sex to supersede her skill. In fact, she’s known for jumping on a track with some of the game’s heaviest hitting dudes like Petey Pablo, Birdman, Pastor Troy, and others. This is primarily how Rasheeda came to BE known as the BOSS Chick of the A!



Currently, Rasheeda is dually working her current album “Certified Hot Chick” and her mixtape “Terrestrial B*tch” which is highly respected and requested in the streets. When Rasheeda isn’t in the studio perfecting her craft, she can be found next to her BFF Kandi Burrus of Real Housewives of Atlanta fame; the duo recently formed a group Peach Kandi, and are still slated to be working on their official debut project. Rasheeda is also putting on for her city by jumping on any and every mixtape possible.

Rasheeda has been the game’s BEst kept secret, and has been quietly plotting her take-over! Not only has she moved to the top of the mixtape circuit, she is also making strides on social networking sites gaining 1000’s of new followers on twitter daily and BE Magazine thanks her for always showing new multimedia platforms that southern hospitality and love.





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