Ray Lavender – After the Politics of Industry

If it is one thing that a person grows to love about the music/entertainment industry, it’s what I call a “real artist”. A real artist meaning one who is in it BEcause it’s what they love, and not what they are making profit wise. An artist that no matter what happened always had a record deal BEcause although they weren’t selling millions, there talent was too strong for a record label to let go of. When speaking of real artist I am especially speaking of singers. For example, to name a FEW real artists from a numBEr of generations: Patty Labelle, Whitney Houston, BEyonce Knowles, Fantasia Barrino, Jazmine Sullivan, Monica, Lyfe Jennings, Tank, Luther Vandross, Sam Cooke, and Al Green…and I could go on for days. Whether it’s in the sound of their voice or in the lyrics they sing, you definitely know a real artist when you hear a real artist.

Another type of real artist that you come across in the industry is the artist who does everything right-and has talent out of this world, but hasn’t yet received their just due respect,  so they wait patiently until the time comes. Although, for some that time never surfaces, but for Rhythm & Businessman Ray Lavender, it’s obvious his time is now.

For over almost two decades now Ray has BEen making music. Starting his career in the late 80’s and early 90’s in Atlanta, Georgia, where he BEgan affiliating himself with producers like Grammy Award winner Dallas Austin; and Ray has BEen making music every since. Although, making music for the past two decades was the simple part BEcause that’s what he loved to do, the politics of the industry were not quite as easy.

In a recent interview with the artist, he breaks it all down. He lets us know the real reason why we got a few tracks on the album but never got the full project. He also gives us the scoop on hit reality show The Ultimate Merger and what TV1 has in store for him next.  He talks new ALBUM, new SITCOM CAMEOS, and HIS OWN REALITY SHOW.

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