Ready Set Go w/ Roscoe Dash

The name Roscoe Dash may seem like a super hero who has time warped to Earth from a different planet or galaxy, and meeting the actual man BEhind the name served as an instant parallel between the mythical character and the rapper. While Jeffery Johnson Jr. may serve as a BEtter government name, Roscoe Dash couldn’t BEtter encompass the artistry that’s BEing brought forth in his hit singles “All the Way Turnt Up” (which some thought could’ve possible slowed Roscoe down and/or corrupted his career), “Show Out”, and even in street bangers like “Maximum”, and “Sexy Girl Anthem” . The bottom line, simply put, is that Roscoe Dash is music’s next WARRIOR! He’s successfully pulled through the storms with fellow home based rap artists and is stopping for no minimal cause to show fans, radio, television, and an iPod near you that he’s R-O-S-C-O-E Dash and he’s headed directly for the FAME!

BE Magazine got the opportunity to chop it up with Roscoe about his upcoming album “Ready, Set, Go” which releases later in the summer. Make sure you cop the album when it drops, and keep yourself emerged in Roscoe’s music via

BE Magazine: What up Roscoe man. We definitely appreciate the chop it up. So you’re gearing up for your debut album. Tell the readers what’s in store.

Roscoe Dash: The album is basically is going to BE a wide body of music. I’m ready to give the fans more than what they’ve been hearing. It’s a lot more to it than that. I’m really just ready to put it out there; ready to give the fans a lot more of Roscoe Dash.

BE Mag: It seems like you kind of exploded out of no where after “All the Way Turnt Up”, so give the readers some background on Roscoe Dash.

Roscoe: I’m out of Atlanta, born and raised…Capitol Homes is where I spent most of my time growing up; east Atlanta. When I was about 9 years old I actually moved to Atlanta which is where I finished school and everything. I used to get in trouble a lot when I was in school, so music was kind of like my way of venting. It was always a big part of my life. I’ve experienced a lot of the music history coming out of Atlanta…like when Outkast dropped Aquemini to when first dropped “Rubber Band Man” or Trap Muzik, and now that I hear a lot of people mimicking the Atlanta style and dropping “band songs”, I knew I wanted to come with something that wasn’t only enjoyable for Atlanta, but enjoyable for everybody across the world as well. I guess I got lucky and came up with “All the Way Turnt Up”, and after that it was all about the follow up for me. I wanted to give something that was just as good as “[All the Way] Turnt Up” if not better, so I came up with “Show Out”.

BE Mag: Definitely a good look on both singles! So how does it feel to hear people refer to you as their “favorite rapper”?

Roscoe: It’s crazy! I’m used to telling people that they’re my favorite rapper, and now I get that all the time. I’m just enjoying it man. One of my goals was always to make people play my music, and now I’m in the position to have that done. It’s a blessing in itself.


BE Mag: BEing from Atlanta, you obviously get to see a number of artists that have singles and that seem like they’re on the verge of really making it, but then all of a sudden fall off. How does it feel to BE one of those rappers that are making it and that are working the streets with a number of singles? You’re like the “street hustler” right now.

Roscoe: It’s all about timing for me. I waited with “All the Way Turnt Up” because I felt like I needed to wait until there wasn’t any competition with anything. “Show Out” kind of did its own thing, and now I’m just on some take it to the next level. I got a lot in store though…a lot!

BE Mag: What’s been one of your favorite parts so far of making it to the level of your success?

Roscoe: Um…being on BET, or just being on TV. Watching myself on TV is amazing to me. I’ve always wanted to BE on 106 and Park, I actually always wanted to BE on Rap City in the basement with Tigga, that’s really what I wanted to do when I was growing up. BET and MTV man…I’m just happy to BE a part of it.

BE Mag: And now to see that you’ve had the BET’s and MTV’s on deck at your video shoots, it must feel amazing.

Roscoe:  Just to BE the center of attention in a good way; I was always the centered of attention at school and it’s what got me in trouble all the time. So now to BE the center of attention in a positive light and to get to BE a role model for children and things of that nature, it’s a blessing to get to set the right example and do the right thing.

BE Mag: We’ve seen you sit next to one of the people to me that have been able to shape the game for young musicians…Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em. Tell us how it was working wit Soulja and how that deal came to BE.

Roscoe:  The Soulja Boy feature on “All the Way Turnt Up” came through KE on the Track, which is one of my producers. He’s done a lot of big records like “First Name Last Name” all that stuff.  Soulja actually tweeted that he wanted to BE on the record, and he was pretty adamant about getting on there. When I sent it to him, he sent it back in 30 minutes and that was just amazing to me; for him to BE so down to earth and to get on somebody else’s record that he’s never heard of was just a blessing. Shout out to Soulja Boy and SOD.

BEMag: “Ready, set, Go” you’re gearing up for it man. It’s dropping on July 20th, what do you want to tell the readers about it man?

Roscoe: I’m so excited to BE putting the album out there man. The BEst way for people to really find out about “Ready, set, Go” is to follow me on Twitter. Whenever I’m in the studio, I’m on Ustream and always letting the fans know everything that’s going on.

BE Mag: Before I let you go, you know I gotta bring it up. mayBE you’re tying to coin it, mayBE you’re not, but we’re always seeing you getting fresh and getting your hair cut…very intricately I might add. So what’s up with all the R-O-S-C-O-E freshness?

Roscoe: Honestly man, its Bobby’s World. Bobby’s World is the guy that cuts my hair. He’s the guy that puts the lines in Gucci Mane’s head, the guy that cut off Ludacris’ braids. He’s the creator BEhind all of that. I really try to let him have free reigns. I never tell an artist how to do them…you just gotta let the creative expression go.

BE Mag: BEfore I let you go, tell the readers some of your favorite cuts from your upcoming debut album “Ready, Set, Go”.

Roscoe: I did a rock song on my album. It’s called “All I know”; it’s just like another side of me. I can

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