Reality TV: Right, Wong..REAL?

Reality TV has it’s obvious perks! & certaiin shows, whether true intent or not, have the capability to capture the very things that speak to the hearts souls, and yes EYES of the common Americans that prove each day, week, episode, new show, spin off, attempt, mockery, lame, BEneficial experience that reality television has provided since the beginnings of Real World into the transisitions of American Idol & America’s Next Top Model. It’d BE an understatement to say that reality tv has BEen RIGHT in some entertainers lives. Here are BE Magazine’s top select for what’s BEen RIGHT in REALITY TV!!!! 



But what goes up must come down, & with every good thing there has to BE a bad. Take a look at some of BE Magazine’s picks for WRONG!!!!! The crazy, yet real thing about reality tv is that it often captures the good, the BAD , and the ugly; and there’s no hiding when the camera dictates your check…ok, we’re in the A…THEY JUST DON’T GIVE A ****!!! Reality TV wasn’t your come up…sorry you FAIL at BEing REAL…or at least good on REALITY TV!



Reality TV can BE a trip, but it feeds our emotions with never ending sagas of extra dramatics which can BE appreciated for all it’s worth, especially win there’s something to BE gained…like a career! But occasionally we encounter the REALLY REAL reality stars that you can’t help but know are REAL…it’s engraved in their spirit! What you see is what you get so appreciate the REAL…or hate it with all of your guts and glory (your choice)!


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