Rebel Society (RS) is an unconventional societal group tendering from accents of the street in rhythmical standards to pretty boy swag in preparatory class of its own. Being bounced into an array of Nola’s street creditable attractions; helps keep many on edge for their next move, look, and intoxicating smiles. A society created by “3” innovative zealous young men that seek to not only create a brand, but a “Lifestyle” that will transpire a legacy throughout generations with the ideals of friendship, ownership, & brotherhood. With a vision to be “Rebels with a Kause” Sean Bankhead, Troy Barnes II, & Kelly Smith deem the immortal, James (REBEL) Dean’s quote:“DREAM as if you’ll live FORVER, LIVE as if you’ll die TODAY;” as their runway to never be seen as the majority.

Rebel Society, originating in Atlanta, Ga., is set to be a lifestyle apparel brand consisting of men and women’s clothing. RS is not only a brand, but it expands in areas of the arts: dance, fashion, styling, photography & production. The brand would consist of the founders’ styles conjured together to offer originality and exclusivity (boutiques, on-line, etc.).

Rebel Society’s start came through the vision of Sean Bankhead’s mini movie/video cover of Beyonce’s “Run the World (Girls)”. Not only business partners, but also God brothers, Sean entrusted the styling task to Kelly & Troy in order to bring his creative & wild ideas to life. With days to prepare & rehearse, a yearning thought became a “Youtube” craze. The videos’ buzz not only caught the eyes of over 7 million viewers, but also caught a seat & personal view from “King B” herself. With this new found fame & opportunity, RS was now able to establish who they are & destined to become.

Following their hearts and rebelling intuitions, the founders of RS have allowed the business to receive other styling opportunities including projects with Jasmine Guy, Ebru (up & coming artist), Tiffany Evans, & Koncrete Nation. With every opportunity given, they plan to build the society into a lifestyle that will allow other “Rebels” to join & express who they are. Follow us on our Journey: @RebelSocietyMMX, @ItsSeanBankhead, @iLuvJuni, @Kelly_Da_Face, & .

Written by: Kelly Smith

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