Through the likes of R&B crooners Trey songz, R.Kelly, Usher, Chris Brown, and even Drake could be thrown in the equation, R&B is a growing trend that seems to be rising back to the top like in the days of the O’Jays, Earth Wind & Fire, The Isley Brothers, Al Green, and the other staple artists that make Rhythm & Blues music what it is today. Of course there’s a huge difference in musical content, but the ever growing need to satisfy our ears to the love music that R&B possesses has quickly taken a turn for the better.

Singing duo Recognition, comprised of Jerrod “J-Rod” Rankin and Rico “Sivad” Davis, have plans of making sure that R&B music is showcased in the best possible light, a light that’s known to bring back that “feel good music” that we once used to love and cherish.

Meeting Recognition was a sensational experience. When we walked into the studio, we had to wait for J-Rod to finish laying down his vocals for the remix to “Last Song” (which is BLAZING!!!! Even better than the original song…and completely DIFFERENT), which we later got a preview of. When the duo came together for the direct interview, we were wowed at how excited the two were to be entertaining the world. “We are an R&B group, our base is R&B, but we do R&B pop and R&B hip hop. We cover a lot of genres of music. We write, we arrange, and just live and breathe music. We entertain on the stage & just try to give some form of a message in every song that can pertain to your daily lives.” It’s obviously great to see two young fellas create message music that doesn’t seem to be overly conscious driven, but still delivers a direct point behind the lyrics.

After about 3 sentences from both members, it was obvious that there was a huge southern accent present, so we couldn’t help but get the scoop on the background and foundation of the two members. “Yup…Mississippi!!!” They both brag about their native state. “601 is in the building. Yup, we’re here, so get used to us. We can’t deny it, and we’re not going to deny…601 is something you’ll all have to get used to.” We later come to find out that Recognition may be new to our eyes and ears, but they are actually seasoned vets working together. “We’ve been a group for 10 years…we’ve been singing individually all our lives, but as a group we’ve been doing this for 10 years, and we’re bringing a fresh face to the R&B game. R&B is going back into music and this is just our time. We fell right into the right place at the right time, and it’s definitely our time to shine”.

The single “Last Song” is a bonefide hit and is burning up radios across the nation. “It’s based upon the last song played in the club. Right before the DJ plays the last song, and the bar is at last call for alcohol. The girl you was looking at all night, and you was like man I gotta get her; it’s the last song, it’s the last chance to make your move. So what you gon’ do? The remix is almost done and we got a rapper that’s gon’ jump on the there. I don’t wanna say any names cuz we have a few prospectives, but it’s going to be crazy.”

Recognition is currently signed to R&R Records/Capitol Records and are constantly in the studio grinding out their debut album. If you haven’t jumped on Recognition and “Last Song”, you’re already slow. The single is on Urban Billboard’s top 20 charts and is quickly & steadliy climbing. The fellas have a message all new, old, and even possible fan: “We’re building fans one at a time. When we meet groups of girls, we interact with them, sing for them, and by the time we’re leaving, they done already went to iTunes to buy the single. They don’t even know what it sounds like, and then when they hear it & it sound good, they gon really be fans. That’s our approach to the game…it’s simple. Shout outs to anyone that’s pressed play on any Recognition track; y’all didn’t have to, yet you continued to listen. Shout outs to our families, all the porducers that aren’t getting a dime, but patiently sit and wait on royalties, and of again the fans…especially the ones before our major deal.”

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