Red Grant: 20 Years and BEyond

BE MAG: So you’ve BEen in the comedy game for about 20 years now. How do you feel?
I feel Young! Why do I say that BEcause when you say 20 years it seems like a long time, but I started so early unlike most comedians who start their career later I started when I was 19 years old. so now I’m coming into my swag at a perfect age. I’m grown with my comedy now and very relevant. I also feel blessed to still BE in the comedy game and still hear people say I’m on the rise which makes me say this mountain is a big mountain that I’m climbing. Lol
BE MAG: How does it feel performing in front of your hometown crowd? Easier or more pressure?
I think it’s both easy and more pressure. It’s easier when you’re familiar with the environment and the people BEcause you were raised similar, but more pressure BEcause everyone expects you to represent them and they demand nothing but a perfect performance from you. But I like the pressure of making 4000 people laugh all at once at home.
BE MAG: What are 3 traits/things you think every successful comedian should posses?
One trait and the most important trait is you have to have since of humor naturally. It can’t be forced BEcause crowd knows when you are forcing comedy. Second trait you have to BE able to know what makes you funny and different from the other comedians, you have to have your own style. And third you have to BE a people person and likable BEcause people laugh harder at people they feel like they know. At the end of the day you have to leave all your energy on stage.
BE MAG: Was there ever a moment in your career where you thought about quitting or following a different path? If so, What got you through that time?
Well I actually quit comedy for almost 2 years in 2004 not BEcause I didn’t like comedy anymore but I wanted to pursue other God given talents. I went to work for Viacom network producing shows for BET and Comedy Central. After producing 7 shows I felt like I had got as much knowledge about producing and creating shows that I would need to product my own shows and films in the future.
BE MAG: If you could choose an Ultimate Comedy Tour Lineup, who would BE on it?
Katt Williams, Red Grant, Luenell, and Deray Davis
BE MAG: Now we see you’re on tour. What other project and things can we expect from Red Grant in 2014?
I’m developing two new movies right now with fellow comedian Deray Davis we are planning on shooting this summer. And producing two me television shows out of my company Red Grant Films. I also just started a new apparel collection @OrdizzleRedGrantCollection IG they can go on to view the collection. We just made 2 pair for Milley Cyrus.
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