RedMan & Method Man "Blackout 2" Listening Party in NYC

A Yo’… It went down last night at the listening party for Method Man and Redman’s new album dropping May 19th Blackout 2. You know your boy; The Prince of All Media/BE- New York was in the building. While Meth couldn’t attend the party that went down at the legendary Quad Studios in Time Square (y’all know, the same studio that Tupac got shot at that kicked off the beef between him and Biggie), he was there in spirit and Redman held it down to the fullest. First off – let me just say this – Blackout 2 is the jump off! It definitely brings East Coast Hip Hop back to where it needs to be – the KINGS of this ish! Yo… I’m letting a new columnist that attended with me take the seat with the full album review, but from the radio singles A Yo and Mrs. International – you should already know it’s going down. In attendance last night also was Erick Sermon and Rockwilder and every major media outlet in the NYC (including yours truly).  Def Jam made sure they did they thing and still kept it real at the event with individual KFC 2 pieces and a biscuit, corn on the cob, free drink, and some ‘special’ brownies that went around the room! It was the place to be last night. Redman showed love to all his guests and even as he left the studio on the streets of NYC, he was shaking hands with fans passing by. I recommend everyone be on the lookout for this album. You know The Prince of All Media & BE-New York will probably give a few copies of this one away on us. A very extra special shout out to Shani at Stiletto and Sounds PR for the hook up.

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