Reece – Get your GYM SHOES

You may not instantly BE familiar with the name Reece, but the fact still stands that he’s one of the hardest working singer/songwriters alive. He lives, eats, breathes, and sleeps music, which is evident with every note he blows.

Reece got his first boost of fame when he would perform live with his former group Fella all over the streets of Milwaukee, WI where he would brush shoulders with other midwest movers and shakers like grammy award winning artist Rico Love, who also grew up grinding in the Milwaukee streets. Reece came to love singing at a young age and BEgin to BE known for uniquely resembling Brandy’s vocals, but with a very masculine husky feel.

Reece has since then discontinued from BEing a part of a group, but hasn’t stopped having that same hunger for the craft as he first did as a little boy. His rigorous love for music eventually landed him on MTV’s Making the Band 4 and put him in the direct scope of entertainment mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs. Reece didn’t make Day 26, but again didn’t stop the hustle.

Reece took all that he’s learned and after releasing a debut album, has finally written and released the soundtrack to his life. Reece’s sophomore album Gym Shoes was recently released to the world and is a 17 track album that’ll speak to every part of your heart and should. Reece has BEen through lots of life’s struggles from family issues, love & loss, all the way to wanting something so bad, yet just not all the way knowing how to go about achieving it. Combine all of these plights and mix them with the good times of puffing on a fatty and getting to know that special person that touches your heart & you have Gym Shoes.

Click [HERE] to preview & purchase your copy of GYM SHOES today. Follow Reece on Twitter to show him your support @DatBoyReece



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