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Everyone knows when you hear the name Sean Jean, there’s money in the air; but when you hear the name Diddy, those that have either worked for him, or that have come close to a shot at being a milliliter of importance in one of his magnitude of business affairs, get a completely different stench!!!




Picture this…








A small-name hopeful, grinding in a even smaller platform like Milwaukee, Wisconsin, decides to throw his full hand of 52, all on a chance to be that milliliter. –And yes, I did say Wisconsin, and as you can see, he doesn’t exactly look like Diddy’s latest protégé Donnie, so there’s no need to ask, nor state it…I get the pleasure of calling Milwaukee my hometown, so that should further prove any remaining doubt.

Back to the point, Milwaukee native, Tryice Lee, previously referred to as “Diddy’s milliliter”, got that exact chance after rigorously competing for a spot on MTV’s hit show Making the Band, Season 4. Everyone has pretty much got the point; either you making Diddy some immediate money (either by vision, or straight forward), you may have a very short stroll on that yellow brick road to Bad Boy Entertainment.

…which says the least of how a person can, and probably should perform when it comes to matters of a 79.6% self built entertainment EMPIRE!!!

Either way, Tryice, who many a fan know as “Reece”, didn’t make it all the way to the Diddy’s throne, nor what would later become the number #1 selling group, Day 26. Diddy’s way too early “business decision” to remove Reese after his voice gave in to the bitter NY “hawk”, which is even more of a beast than that the Milwaukee weather that was that perfect (second…third…forth…oh, I can keep going…) excuse for both Reese and I to make that transition from the unforeseen markets of the Mil, to residing in a the spot that’s undisputedly reigning as a Black man’s leading chance of becoming a millionaire by the age of 35 (or to say the least what most Milwaukee folk perceive to be a musical entrepreneurs’ stairway to Heaven…the accepting Atlanta industry (chuckling…but obviously recognizing the TRUTH!!!). 

Reece didn’t let Diddy block his musical endeavors. Since the show, Reece has dropped a self-titled album, which has been very well received across the states. When he’s not out delivering his amazing craft, which is so harmonious and melodic, you can tell why true fans have coined him the “male Brandy”, Tyrice is most comfortable wooing the ear of a client who 100% of the time leaves his styling chair with a brand new attitude and a new harmony to (try to) imitate all the way home.

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