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Remy Ma

Grammy nominated Remy Ma born Reminisce Smith is one of the most prominent female MC’s to change the rap industry since perhaps Lil Kim surfaced in the mid 1990s. The term lyrical genius has been tossed around from one musical genre to another over the years, but if it needed embedded in one MC above ground it would more than likely be placed in the grasp of Remy Ma  (Ms. Martin if you’re nasty). “She is the greatest of men the way she would write” says the late Big Pun. Not since the days of MC Lyte and Salt-N-Peppa have we heard uncontaminated word-to-word flow organized sufficiently to develop mental pictures and silhouette storylines with a beat, a microphone, and a pen. Remy Ma’s lyricism is often compared to the late New York City Rap Juggernaut the late Christopher Wallace, better known as, the Notorious B. I. G. Through her career of mix tape stardom, Fight Club Champion, international performances, and one national released LP There’s something about Remy: Based on a True Story released in 2006, she has secured her place in Hip Hop history respectively as the Queen of New York. Remy’s knack for cut-throat verbiage and blood cooling analogies articulate to listeners a direct discernment with intentions of drawing emotion from her music. Remy’s poeticism in songs like Feel So Good  projects your mind to altitudes of solace by combining her perfected rasp-like vocals alongside sultry suave singer Ne-Yo’s hook, together produced a new kind Hip Hop/R&B lullaby.

August 21, 2007 Remy released Shesus Khryst a mix tape and DVD where she superciliously taunts:  “I ain’t neva had a problem, neva eva” while in reality one month prior on July 14, 2007 Remy Ma had three major problems; attempted murder, assault, and criminal possession of a weapon charges issued by the New York City District Attorney according to AP. Remy was accused of shooting Makeda Barnes-Joseph twice in the abdomen with hallow-point bullets during a dispute near the Pizza Bar in Lower Manhattan over $3,000 missing from her purse. Latter charges of witness tampering and coercion eroded after the boyfriend of a potential witness was allegedly beaten up and face was fractured by Remy’s squadron reported by Remy’s publicist announced that the judge reduced the attempted murder charge to an assault charge and she was acquitted of witness tampering and gang assault charges (related to the Bronx nightclub attack on the witness boyfriend). At the assault trial prosecution sought after 13 less years of the max 25 years Remy was facing. The judge ultimately sentenced Remy to 8 years which she would only have to serve 6.

Remy Ma 
On February 23, 2010 during an on-air radio interview with Jenny Boom and DJ Craig G, Remy on the phone expresses that she is very hopeful of her appeal being granted so that she will be released from Bedford Hills Correctional Facility on her own recognizance perhaps even as early as this summer. She says she misses recording and wants to make it “not so easy” for Nicki Minaj right now. Many true Hip Hop heads can feel the effect of Remy’s absence in the industry. Many feel underwhelmed with the Barbie culture and its HBIC (Head Barbie in Charge) Minaj’s monopoly over Femcees. In an interview with on May 5, 2010, Remy speaks out for the first time about the trail and freestyles wrathfully at the camera. She contends that the shooting victim Makeda Barnes-Joseph was not her friend and was merely an associate she briefly met before the incident in 2007. The WSHH exclusive portrays Remy as a Hip Hop martyr of celebrity legal afflictions. When asked if she was concerned with how well she would produce when released, she calmly and duly responded, “I’m dead nice.” Remy is very secure with her #1 status. We can only wait for the plunder of her involuntary career hibernation and knows exactly what is on fan’s mind when they ended an article with: “Free Remy Hip Hop needs ya!”



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