Renegade of Fashion: CLEONS Clothing

BE-Style: How would you describe the design aesthetic for CLEONS Clothing?
CLEONS: Each Collection I like to do different concepts. Using different colors, fabrication, and themes.

BE-Style: Where did you derive the name for the label?
CLEONS: CLEONS is a combination of my entire name. “C” for Chad, “LEON” for my middle name, and “S” for my last name.

BE-Style: What would like for each client to feel when wearing your garments?
CLEONS: I would like for my clients to feel, confident, edgy and free.

BE-Style: What is your VISION for the Spring/Summer 2012 collection?
CLEONS: My Spring/Summer Collection will launch at my CLEONS POP ARt Fashion Show. It’s 80’s New York Nightlife inspired. Very underground, and edgy. It’s my most trendy collection to date. It reminds me of how I use to sew when I first started 9-10 years ago.

BE-Style: Are their periods or points of reference that you seem to be influenced by?
CLEONS: My mood, visions, fabric, Janet Jackson, Lady GaGa, Michael Jackson and Models.

BE-Style: As you continue to grow, what are some of your short-term goals the brand?
CLEONS: I don’t have short term goals, I have long term goals that I want to accomplish. I will never stop creating Art in Fashion.

BE-Style: Who are some of your dream clients?
CLEONS: Janet Jackson, Lady GaGa, T.I., and Black Eyed Peas.

BE-Style: What sets CLEONS Clothing apart from other major clothing labels/brands?
CLEONS: I don’t pay attention to what others do, I always compete with myself and to top my previous collection. Stay fresh and innovative.

BE-Style: When creating a collection, what are some of your favorite textiles to work with?
CLEONS: I love stretch, heavy weights, and non-traditional materials. I love working with fabrics that are non-traditional.

BE-Style: Where can our readers and future clients find garments?
CLEONS: You can email me here: and visit my links: , , , .

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