Rich Homie Quan: A Style & Flow Bound to Make You Feel Some Type of Way

Dequantes Lamar isn’t probably a name that’ll instantly pop out at you, but when you mention his stage name, Rich Homie Quan, things start to BEcome a lot more clear. Rich Homie Quan has quickly grown to BEing a lot of people’s favorite rapper. He’s huge with urban youth, which is a necessary crowd to capture when trying to rise up the hip hop ladder.

Rich Homie Quan’s splash on the scene was nothing shy of monstrous. His first major hit “Type of Way” has BEen regarded as an anthem in the club & he has no plans of letting up any time soon. “It’s just the BEginning; I got a whole lot more to come. It’s really just me expressing myself through the music. That’s the only way I know how to express myself. So I’m going to just keep working. You’re going to keep hearing anthems for me; that’s all I know.”

In 2013, Rich Homie hit the tour scene with his T.I.G. (Think It’s A Game) Entertainment counterpart Trinidad James gaining him lots more notoriety for his stage presence. “When I get on stage, you can expect a lot of realness from me. I’ve never had a choreographer, so everything I do is just me. I feel as though I can’t dance, so I just try to  give it all I got. The realness in me…the feeling, the feeling I get is the feeling I try to give to the people.”

BEing a part of T.I.G. has BEen like BEing a part of a family. T.I.G. consists of himself, Trinidad, Jacquees, ForteBowie, Cyhi The Prince, along with a few other up & coming artists that are on the brink of their success. He appreciates their brotherly bond & the fact that he has like minded individuals to get money with.

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Like most of the T.I.G. roster, Rich Homie Quan has a unique style, making many people wonder what’s in his closet. “Like I tell everybody, my closet not even organized. I buy so much stuff & that’s just BEing real. I won BEst dressed in high school, so it ain’t nothing new. I just love to dress. My style is me. Might catch me in a t-shirt today, tomorrow you might catch me in a button down. It’s just different. It’s nothing like, oh I know what he gon have on this. It’s nothing you can just target. It’s just me. It’s Rich Homie Quan. It’s Rich Homie.”

Social media has BEen another driving force in Rich Homie Quan’s success. His #RHQ movement is usually decked with several bad chicks telling him how much they love him. We decided to turn the table and ask Rich Homie who is #WCW is. “Man I got a couple of ’em; you know I like dem strippers, so I can’t really say they names like that, you feel me (laughs). That’s just BEing real, but you know who else it would BE? I like Kyla Pratt. I don’t like Meagan Good like I used to, but you know i really like a lot of the strippers man. Real talk…strippers man, they got they own money. ”

Rich Homie is busy prepping his debut album, which he says he wants to BE really big. He recently released another mixtape I Promise I Will Never Stop Going In which can BE downloaded via

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Make sure you follow @RichHomieQuan on Twitter/IG to get the official drop date for his debut album.

[Photographer: Darius Marshall | Stylist: Renaldo Nehemiah]

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