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I’m convinced that there’s a secret hideout for kids who are trying to take over the world…starting with a group of 5 all-star rappers from Atlanta. The Rich Kid$ are no big secret to the Atlanta teen market, and with two blazing singles dominating radio airplay – and more on deck – it’s obvious that Lil Juney, Rashad, Skool Boy, Baby Charles, and Baby Kaelub are ALL THE WAY TURNT UP and ready to show their “Patna Dem,” “Wassup”!

“We hit the mall & ball all day…” is a fairly accurate description of a day in the life of Grand Hustle’s next generation of talent. By night, they’re at the studio grindin’ for their next big hit – if they’re not setting your city on fire in concert! They’re a group of swagged out teens that have more on the mind than the average high-schooler. These fellas are focused on keeping the Grand Hustle legacy alive. In fact, they can’t wait for the day when their boss & big homie T.I. doesn’t have to work anymore and can sit back and live the family life. While most don’t see the King of the South taking that direction anytime soon, that certainly isn’t stopping the Rich Kid$ from making their own unique mark on the game. They quickly caught the attention of their respective schools – Frederick Douglass, Westlake, Carver (formerly), and Southside – and have grown enough artistically to have captured the ear of hip hop loving adults and Atlanta heavyweights Ludacris, Lil Scrappy, and Playaz Circle. Note: catch the DTP fam on the remix of, “My Patna Dem.”

With Rich Kids being at the forefront of the next ATL music movement, we had to get with these fellas to see how much of their swag we could break off, and we weren’t surprised at how behind the hype these dudes are the average teen, but can hold their own in a room full of adults. Just ask Young Dro! We caught up with them at one of Grand Hustle’s recording studios. And with all the swag that teens now-a-days possess, we had to put our BE Intern Sionne Marie on the job; and she definitely held it down and equally represented!

Check out the video from our BEhind the scenes photo-shoot and interview with the Rich Kid$. With Dro and the Grand Hustle fam in the background, we think it’s safe to say it’s clear to see why T.I. cosigns these next generation superstars. Shout out to Kidd Dupree of MCKIDDTV for always holding BE Magazine down! Gon’ check MCKIDDTV out on youtube…he puts on for his city!

Head to the next page to see more with Grand Hustle’s Rich Kid$! All the kids are jumping on their swagger band wagon, so go ahead & see how these 5 fellas put it down on the stage and around the A!

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