RichGirl – Put Together By GOD

To BE put together “by GOD” is something more than special…some might say it’s down right miraculous when fates come together to create something that was truly meant to BE. This is the exact case for Lyndriette, Seven, Brave, & Audra! These ladies were hit with more thant pure luck, it was purely GOD’s grace that brought them to BE the ladies signed to Rich Harrison, the ladies with Jive to backing them, the ladies opening up for BEyonce Knowles’ “I Am Sasha Fierce” Tour.


RichGirl is no secret to BE Magazine readers. They were previously featured as BE Up Next artists, & have been all over the BE-log after spending some time with BE Magazine after their concert in Atlanta. To say these ladies are extra fly is an understatement!!! Upon meeting them, it was clear that these ladies not only have a genuine love for being a part of a group, but also each individually possess enough raw talent to make it as solo artists if they so chose.

Upon meeting the ladies, I was warmly met at the door, stating that I had a very close resemblance to someone in their crew, and once the rest of the ladies confirmed, I was welcomed with open arms as the ladies poured out their hears and should about how they first met, where they plan on taking their music, and even giving me a few a capella notes. I was officially made a fan after hearing how the ladies vocally put it down, but what really took me over the edge with the ladies was when they hit the club stage after opening for BEyonce in at Phillip Arena in the A. The ladies came to show love in Atlanta, and as soon as we crossed paths, one of the members said, “hey you remember us…we said you look like our friend…”. It was at that moment I knew that everything in our previous interview was not only credible, but that the glow that I got from these ladies was also very real. RichGirl ended up dancing on stage until it closed, and when I hugged them goodbye, asked “you leaving already…?”; it felt good to know that not only were these ladies all the way party girls, but that they are genuine souls that was prepared to speak to, dance, and take pictures with every fan that asked. I could talk for hours on the ladies personalities, but what’s even better is that the RichGirl’s talent speaks for itself. RichGirl will obviously BE compared to a former group that started off as a quartet, and later slimmed down, but we happen to live in a comparative society, so with an open mind and ear, you’ll quickly come to see that those are mere comparisons; and while vocally they can take you there at times, remember it was that very harmony that made us fall in love with that group enough to buy millions & millions of their albums.

RichGirl sat down with BE Magazine in a heartfelt interview, so go ahead and click the next page to see & hear the full interview, along with more pics with the gorgeous ladies.

BE Magazine: Go ahead & introduce yourselves individually.

RichGirl: Well I’m Lyndriette, & I’m from Gastonia, North Carolina. Wassup everybody, I’m Brave from Baltimore, Maryland. How y’all doing? I’m Seven from Haines City, Florida. How y’all doing, I’m Audra from San Diego, California. And we’re RichGirl (as they say in perfect harmony)

BE Mag: Wow! That’s a wide array of places; how did the group come to BE?

RG: We actually knew each other. Well the industry is actually smaller than most think it is. We all started as solo artists individually & somehow our music brought us all to LA. So I [Audra] knew Seven because we had the same home studio, so she’d be at the front of the room & I’d be at the back of the room in the same studio. I wanted to be friends with Brave and her hair, every since I saw her at a party; & then Lyndriette & Seven knew each other when they were solo artists. Then a man name Rich Harrison came and put all of the pieces of the puzzle together. So we’re not as manufactured as people think [Lyndriette chimes in], we were put together, but by GOD. By GOD through Rich Harrison [says Seven].

BE Mag: So when you bring up a BIG name like Rich Harrison, obviously eyes immediately get wide, so how did y’all come to meet?

RG: Well I was signed to him first [says Brave] when I was 16 years old, and he also knew Lyndriette. Yeah, he knew me since I was 15, I was signed as a solo artist to a separate situation & I came to him for some records [Lyndriette recalls], which we didn’t ever end up doing, but that’s not the end, so it was cool. He did a nationwide search, & I went to an audition [Audra remembers], I think did like Canada, DC, Texas, and LA; which is where he found me. Basically it was a whole bunch of girls from a bunch of different places & he ended up picking her [defends Seven]. Me Seven, he found me on Myspace. My cousin JJ said, “hey you should get on Myspace, you know people get record deals off of Myspace, I’m putting your music on Myspace…” and I said OK. Rich saw my stuff on Myspace & told me that he was starting a group, & asked me what I thought about joining & I said yeah.

BE Mag: So when you bring up Myspace, I have to bring up the BIGGEST social networking site Twitter.

RG: [All the ladies got real excited] It’s official, we’re all on Twitter now. I just joined last night [Seven gladly boasts]. Somebody had actually taken my name on there @LyndrietteRG, but I’m @RealLyndriette.  I’m @BraveRichGirl. I’m @se7enRG (I can say that now…). I’m actually my first and last name @AudraSimmons.

BE Mag: Well we’re definitely on Twitter! @BEMagazine &

RG: Cool we’ll look for y’all…[as they giggle to themselves & with us]

BE Mag: Yeah…we’ll just Tweet y’all later so y’all can lock us in.

RG: Yeah, that’ll probably BE better.

BE Mag: Well from one of our twitters @BE_Twinterview we got a question for y’all from @JoWork – As a group, what’s going to set y’all apart from the other groups that are thriving right now?

BE Mag: So tell me about the single; it’s dope, smashing!!!!

BE Mag: So how’d the record come to BE? Who wrote it and everything?

BE Mag: How does it feel to have such a BIG super producer write your 1st big hit for you? A lot of people might not recognize, but that’s a lot of love!

BE Mag: So tell me about the album; y’all working hard?

BE Mag: So if y’all had to pick one thing that’s BEen the BEst experience so far, what would it BE? It can BE as individuals of course…

BE Mag: We won’t keep you ladies, but we want you to know how much fun this was & how much we appreciate what y’all are bringing to the game. We can see y’all appreciation for actually BEing in a group and that transferred well in the interview…its seems like we’re interviewing one person, not four sisters.

BE Mag: Can y’all go ahead and blow a note or two for our BE readers & listeners?


BE Mag: Any tentative [album] drop period?  [The ladies also plug their social networking sites & PHONE NUMBER!!! Don’t skip this mp3!!!]

RichGirl will forever hold a special place in BE Magazine’s heart & we want everyone to support their single “He Ain’t Wit Me Now (Tho)” & their upcoming project next fall. Check out the  audio BElow of the ladies showing BE Magazine their HUMAN side…we love em flaws & all! They’re celebs but they’re JUST LIKE US!!!

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