The story to Righchus is there really isn’t a story. Righchus (Matt Bostick) has basically been rapping since the 3rd grade. He continued working on his music up until high school where he attended the School of the Arts and met producer Max Berry. Righchus and Berry would often “rap battle” eachother between classes drawing a large audience of students. The two soon began working together as Berry put down his love for lyrics and decided to pursue his love for making the actual music, becoming strictly a producer.

The two worked day and night trying to create the best music they could. Their journey took them through rejection after rejection when trying to get studio time from other producers in their hometown, Charleston, SC.

Eventually, they took it upon themselves to create their own studio. They continued recording in college and formed a hip hop band named “Lip Service” which played most of the music they recorded. They began performing in June of 2008. The release of their debut album CHAOS THEORY shows off the lyrical talent of Righchus and the ability of the super producer Max Berry.

For more BEtails on Righchus visit:  http://www.righchus.com/


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