Rika Taylor will BE Live @ IRIE Makeup & BEauty Expo

What is it about the BEauty and fashion  industry that made you get your start?

I’m from a family of predominately women, and growing up there was always someone needing a feather bang. I loved baby dolls with pretty colored hair that I could comb and braid. What encouraged me to take on the beauty industry was the love of making it look natural. Feeling as if celebrities can wear a flawless natural style, then so could the everyday woman. I knew this would appeal to the masses. My niche clientele is the client that has a love for versatile hair, short or long, natural or straight.

How have you BEen able to continue to build your brand?

Building my brand is all about HAIR KNOWLEDGE, HAIR CARE & HAIR GROWTH. Each and every client that I’m blessed to serve, I make sure that I discuss in detail what’s expected of them so that we can always see progress with their hair. Once a customer has a Keep It Natural experience, they tend to tell everyone they know.

What can the attendees at the IRIE mega BEauty expo expect to see from you during your presentation?

From BEginning to end, I’m going to teach them how my Taylored Technique is braided, installed, and styled. This will BE performed live in such detail that these attendees will BE able to do it themselves on their own clients. I’m going to show them how I hold my extensions and needle, how to apply the net, the approach they should take when dealing with different head shapes, hair lines, and how to make them ALL LOOK NATURAL!

How important is passion plus talent to BEcoming successful in your respective field?

As a hair care professional it’s important to LOVE what you do and see thru your customers eyes so that you can exceed their expectations. To have passion for BEing a stylist means you understand the different elements of your clients or each person you service. Your passion will always show and in turn your customers see that not only do you understand them but you also care about them and their needs. A talented stylist is one who gives the customer what they expect with progress. Passion is what you feel and talent is what you see, no words needed when clients see that you are a gifted stylist and they continue to come back!

What are your hopes for your brand to BEcome?

The Keep it Natural brand is a lifestyle. I want the world to let me introduce them to their natural hair with confidence and versatility. Your hair is your crown, it’s the top, the beginning, the start of who we are. My brand will consistently promote the importance of HAIR KNOWLEDGE, HAIR CARE & HAIR GROWTH.

Tell us where our followers can find you on social media?

Personal IG: @rikyataylor

Salon IG: @kin.studios

Facebook: Rikya Taylor

Facebook Business Page: Keep It Natural


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