RIP ChiQ “Goddess of PR” Simms

The entertainment industry is mourning the loss of celebrity publicist Chiquita “ChiQ Diva” Simms, also known as the Goddess of PR. ChiQ suddenly took ill the day BEfore Christmas, and officially passed on Christmas morning due to a brain aneurysm.

ChiQ not only touched the lives of many artists (BG, Soldier Slim, Chopper City Boyz, C-Murder, Strings, & more), magazines (The Source, Down Magazine, Break Magazine), and events (THUG Awards, PR 101, & a numBEr of charity events)…she was also a personal friend to manny, including the BE Team. She was also publicist for my children’s book My Adventure to Safety. ChiQ loved lots of things, but nothing more than her family (her son DJ, sister Tamara, & her mom), and of course her native city New Orleans.

You’ll FOREVER BE missed Baaaaaaaby (BEBE)!!!!

If you’d like to assist ChiQ’s family with making finantial donations for her homegoing services please visit Chase Bank & use acct # 915797468 or call 404.488.4693 – EVERY LITTLE BIT WILL HELP!!!

ChiQ Diva Video

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