Roscoe Dash… A Free Concert… I Was So There!!

So the day was April 16, 2011 and I was looking through the Out & About here in town (Macon, Georgia) to see what I could get into and I ran across Mercer University Bearstock Music Festival with one of BE Magazine’s former featured artist Roscoe Dash as a headliner for the show. Now of course I had to venture out to see what it would BE about seeing that it was a FREE concert.

It was so crazy by the time my friend and I got out of the car we could hear people yelling and screaming as Roscoe Dash came to the stage from a mile away well it wasn’t really a mile but it sure did seem that way. Lol. So there we were in the mist of it all I had my low battery camera in one hand and my Iphone in the other. Taking pictures from far away didn’t do me any justice, but I did get video footage of the entire concert while I was there.

We had lots of fun and I met a lot of his fans; even got a picture with him myself. Some of his fans (Tykerria Springer & Tanyeika Jackson) were bold enough to get him to sign their arms. Now for me I would have been skeptical, but these girls were so excited after he signed them I had to almost hold them still just to take pictures of them for the magazine. As the night ended I was walking back to my car I ran into several people coming from prom just to see Roscoe in concert and I said to myself, “Wow what a fanbase.” Roscoe was so down to earth and nice that he was signing posters for his fans left and right. Yes I got a picture of that too along with one of his fans (Jamila Colbert) who wouldn’t let the poster even hit the ground.

Overall it was a very fun and exciting night. I really enjoyed watching Roscoe perform his stage presence was great and the crowd knew every one of his songs. If you would like to see more pictures and video of the concert go to!/pages/BE-Entertained-Magazine/262137119441.

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