Rowdy Bizzle – The Side Pocket Kid

Meet @rowdybizzle

This project embarks a much more personal and darker chapter then before.

Check out the mixtape and spread the word…American poetry is next up on the list.

RowdyBizzle is what you will soon be speaking and tweeting about!!

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This mixtape was written in a crazy point of my life.

I had a blast recording it and working with the producers and artist that are on the album. I named it @RowdyBizzle to brand it with twitter. The side Pocket Kid comes from the movie “The Pool Hall Junkies” It inspired the emotion and some of the tracks on the mixtape. Each Record paints a picture and delivers a message. Chase your dreams and do what you want to do in life is the overall subject matter. Life is short and tomorrow is not promised. Hope everyone enjoys it and spread the word.

You can download the mixtape for free off of


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