Rudy Currence: Icon on the Rise

Raised in the church as a preachers kid, this Singer/Songwriter from Rock Hill, S.C. had music in his blood. Playing several instruments, including the piano, at age 6 and singing in the church since age 3, he knew this was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. With the support of his family, which has continued to BE his support system, Rudy Currence has always BEen bound for greatness.

Rudy eventually decided to put his thoughts and feelings on paper and started writing his own music. Along with this talent, he BEgan producing his own music with his brother Mykal Star, who is also an artist.With his mother as his manager the Currence name was now on the rise. Soon the hard work payed off and he released 2 Cd’s “More Than You’ll Ever Know” in 2003 and” Here with You” in 2006.

After having countless performances he  created a fan base which has followed him to the point he is today. Soon the big people were paying attention. Creating a buzz for himself and from his followers, other artists and industry reps were also starting to pay attention. Eventually the word was spread about this hot talent, which played a major role in him receiving the chance to showcase his talent in Atlanta for mega-rapper Ludacris and his long time manager Shaka Zulu of DTP. Without question, Currence was signed to Disturbing the Peace/Island Def Jam records.

Currence decided to relocate to Atlanta after noticing the many opportunities that the city had to offer. He is set on making his mark in ATL in a major way. BElieving he is entering a new chapter in his life  and taking advantage of the many opportunities that has come his way, Rudy Currence BEgan writing a song that would eventually BEcome his next single. “O.T.H.E.R. “(which I might add is a great song) encouraging others to get what they want, “if you want something different, you have to do something different”. Wanting to infuse his love of techno BEats with the passion of Soul music, 11.22.11 is a day to take note of  and rememBEr ; It’s release date of “Digital Analog” , Rudy’s mixtape that he’s BEen working extra hard on. Incorporating his many musical influences, from gospel to pop, techno to R&B, “Digital Analog” encompasses the many genres that speak directly to Rudy. The Mixtape gives fans the chance to join him in this new chapter of his life and starts his promise to provide great music on a regular basis . Currence is also prepping for the launch of with his brother Mykal Star; the site will BE a hub where you can check out all of their work.

Branding the “Rudy Currence” imprint does’t limit him only to singing; he plans on writing for others and collaborating with some of the BEst artists in the game to provide great music. Not shy to BE in front of a crowd, modeling and acting are also some things you can expect from this soon to BE household name.

Rudy Currence’s advice to the up and comers is, “surround yourself with people who support you and BElieve in your vision; people who would BE with you, along with your vision, and support you for who you are. Always love what you do and no matter what you do stay encouraged. Always perfect your crafts, BE hungry, get exposure, get the knowledge. The Music Business is a business, so learn the business aspect of everything you go into. Don’t allow yourself to BE someone with great potential who didn’t make it BEcause you simply didn’t know”.

Success is measured not by the money, but the lives you touch. He knew from this young age he was destined to touch people lives with his words. His goal has always BEen to reach the masses and encourage people. He aspires to BE as big as some of our biggest icons. Unlike the O.T.H.E.R.s, Rudy promises to BE HERE WITH YOU and give you MORE THAN YOU’LL EVER KNOW with ideas outside the box and never BEing afraid to take a chance. Rudy Currence is a name and a face we will BE seeing for a long time.

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“THE O.T.H.E.R.”




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