S.Fresh – Big boots to fill

S Fresh in front of the boards

When you mention Louisiana, there are a few common artists that initially jump into the brain, so commonly; other artists out of “da boot” have been plagued with feeling inadequate due to the huge shoes that must be filled. Well, the exact opposite speaks truth for Shreveport, Louisiana newcomer S.Fresh. Fresh knows that LA has a legacy that must be filled and he’s got the swag and confidence to take on the entire feat himself.

It can be a hard knock life for rookie rappers. We live in a society where quantity is often times valued more that quality, but now that S Fresh is jumping on the circuit, he is here to dispel the myths about not believing in new artists.

“I’ve only been in the game for 2 years, but I’m coming out working hard, grinding, and putting in the leg work, which is the most important aspect to the business when you’re new. With anything you do, you gotta put in the work if you want results.”

It’s S.Fresh’s work ethic (and skill of course) that has rushed him to certifiable status by legendary DJ’s such as Greg Street and Don Cannon. Fresh currently has a mixtape featuring Cannon as the host, as well as the club banger “Ask Them Hoes” which features fellow Louisiana native Lil Boosie. “Ask Them Hoes is my street track. The track is so raunchy, who better to get than Lil Boosie on the track. Lil Boosie is Louisiana…”  

Coming from the dirty south, S.Fresh can’t help but to reflect upon his hometown and all of the artists that have actually made it big. “Coming from Louisiana is an honor. I represent Louisiana, and coming behind a Master P and Baby’s of Cash Money, who else can fill those shoes?

And that doesn’t even speak of the hottest thing out of New Orleans right now, “Mr. Lil Wizziana” Lil Wayne. But when it comes to talent and passion, S.Fresh definitely fits in the mix with his hometown team, but you definitely can tell that he plans on being his own entity that stands up for his state. “My style is what will set me apart. I feel like I’m a trendsetter. I stand on my own… I also got that drive, that ambition to make it. I’m motivated man.”

It’s obvious by his current rise that S.Fresh is laying a universal platform to not only succeed in hip hop, but at the business side of the game too, as he is already the CEO of his own company. His most recent inspirations have come from seeing our 44th president-elect Barack Obama actually elected into office.

S is so Fresh, he's not even a rapper!You definitely can catch S.Fresh in the studio working hard knocking out song after song, and finishing up his 3rd mixtape, which he looks forward to releasing before the New Year. He and Lil Boosie just finished filming a street video for “Ask Them Hoes Remix”. He’s looking forward to the giving the fans more of his craft and is anxious to get in the studio with some heavy hitters including Chi-Town’s finest Kanye West on the production end, and Atlanta rapper Jeezy on the artistry side. With the grind that S.Fresh is putting in, I’m sure his wish list of artists and producers that he aims to work with will all come to light sooner than he thinks. Be watching out for S.Fresh in 09; he wants the world to know that he’s coming and will be respected…

I know the fans want to show this rising rapper some love so hit him at www.myspace.com/sfresh23 or youtube him by typing in So Slimm and all of his videos will pull up.

Peep S.Fresh’s video “Ask Dem Hoe$ Remix” featuring Lil Boosie.


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