Sammie Hosts Private Dinner & Video Release Party

Singer/Songwriter Sammie definitely knows how to keep busy in Atlanta! He’s always in the studio, doing photo shoots, throwing events for his non-profit, tweeting, and shooting videos.

Tonight Prince Sammie hosted a private dinner and video release party at the M Bar in Atlanta for his friends and fans. It was great to see everyone show up to support this grinding artist. It’s obvious that he’s one of the hardest working men in the business right now, and I’d even say he’s currently one of the BEst voices in R&B as well. Smart move to add the visual with the vocal.

Check out some of the pic’s of BE Mag’s former cover artist Sammie partying in the A & BE on the lookout for Sammie’s upcoming mixtape ‘It’s Just A Mixtape 2‘ and an official album coming soon (did somebody say INTERSCOPE???)

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