Sammie’s Youth Foundation Presents “Stop the Bullying!”

Singer/songwriter/activist Sammie and his Sammie Youth Foundation reps hosted a “Stop the Bullying!” Student Forum at Columbia High School in Decatur, Georgia yesterday. Artists like Nivea, Bryan J, Travis Porter, and Troy Taylor (the man BEhind-the-musical force known as Trey Songz) took part in an up close and personal panel style discussion sharing personal experiences about bullying, and listening to the students give theirs.

Sammie is always doing his thing here in the A, but we gained a whole new respect for the young man yesterday! All the artists were truly genuine in their experiences, but Sammie seemed to connect with the kids in a different way. It wasn’t about fame, or record sales [for Sammie nor the kids], it was about really making sure he impacted their current situations, some of which were BEing bullied, and vice versa.

Check out a few pics from the event BEfore we hit you with some video…

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